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1881 Cabinet Photograph of G. C. McMunn, taken by Providence, Rhode Island studio

Note of January 7, 2018: A reader has noted in the comments section that the man may have been George Clinton McMunn, born in 1857; Ann Crangle was his father's sister.

Cabinet photograph taken by the Goodwin studio of Nos. 61, 63 & 65 Arcade, Providence, Rhode Island of a man identified on the reverse as G. C. McMunn, or G. E. McMunn.

The photograph was gifted on 3 January 1881 to his uncle and aunt, Ed and Ann Crangle.  The reverse is not as pink as the image below would indicate.

If you have a theory as to identities of G. M. McMunn and Ed and Ann Crangle, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

It's tempting to think that the Crangles might have been Edward and Annie Crangle of St. Stephen, New Brunswick. Annie's maiden name may have been Temple, or Temple may have been the name of a previous husband.  In the 1871 Census of Canada, there was an adopted daughter, Catherine O'Neil, aged 9 living with them.  She may have been Ann's daughter from a previous marriage, adopted by Edward Crangle, or perhaps not the natural child of either of them.

Providence, Rhode Island

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  1. i believe this photo is of GEORGE CLINTON MCMUNN bn 1857 died 1931(New York) the ANN CRAGLE was his father's sister