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1858 Somerset County, Maine, Teachers Convention catalog

Catalogue of the Teachers' Convention, for the County of Somerset, 1858.  Held at Hartland, Maine.

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Catalogue of the Teachers' Convention, for the County of Somerset, Held at Hartland, September 14th, 15th, 16th & 17th, 1858.  
M. Littlefield - Printer, Skowhegan, 1858

Superintendent Mark H. Dunnell, Norway, Maine

Board of Instruction
In Arithmetic, Grammar & School Management
Professor Harry Brickett, Hillsborough, New Hampshire
Professor P. A. Chadbourne, Williams College, Massachusetts

Professor Harry Brickett
Professor P. A. Chadbourne
Hon. Mark H. Dunnell

Note: The teachers' names listed on the next pages are not in perfect alphabetical order, so you may have to hunt a bit for a particular name.

Name; P.O. Address

E. P. Baker; Bingham
A. W. Bickford; Hartland
Calvin Bigelow; St. Albans
I. A. D. Blake; North Carmel
M. S. Blunt; Bingham
Alonzo Boothby; Athens
Henry W. Boston; St. Albans
Daniel C. Bowman; St. Albans
H. C. Brown; St. Albans
Leander F. Butler; Norridgewock
Jesse W. Chandlers; St. Albans
A. F. Church; Hartland
J. F. Clement; Detroit
J. Henry Davis; Hartland
Albert R. Dyer; Harmony
T. V. Eaton; Plymouth
Thomas S. Emery; Harmony
C. A. Farewell; East Pittsfield
T. M. Farrand; Mercer
J. P. Folsom; Hartland
Leighton J. Folsom; Hartland
Hiram S. French; Cornville
John Finson; Hartland
David Given; St. Albans
David N. Grant; St. Albans
S. H. Hamilton; Cambridge
J. K. Hamilton, M.D.; Hartland
P. T. Haskell; Hartland
M. V. B. Hawes; Corinna
Samuel S. Holbrook; St. Albans
Samuel S. Hackett; Detroit
Arthur A. Holmes; Brighton
G. L. Holmes; Hartland
Mark E. Hanson; Newport
Calvin S. Ireland; North Newport
Orin Junkins; Palmyra
Thomas H. B. Lenfist; Palmyra
Daniel W. Lothrop; St. Albans
Philip L. Lowell; Hartland
D. C. Lyford; St. Albans
A. B. Matthews; St. Albans
Ira I. McFarland; Hartland
P. Merrill; St. Albans
A. O. Miller; Palmyra
O. F. Millet; Palmyra
G. H. Moor; Dexter
G. W. Morse; St. Albans
Llewellyn Morrill; Hartland
T. G. Moody; Hartland
George N. Page; Norridgewock
F. C. Rand; Canaan
Joseph H. Rines; Athens
G. S. Robinson; Skowhegan
Daniel Robinson; Palmyra
J. W. S. Robinson; Skowhegan
Charles Rowell 2d; Hartland
J. B. Shurtleff; Winslow
T. W. Smiley; Hartland
A. Stedman; Hartland
John Steward; St. Albans
Jonathan A. B. Soule; Waterville
Herbert Stinchfield; Hartland
V. D. Sweetland; Palmyra
J. S. Towle; Hartland
S. J. Watson; Hartland
Murray B. Watson; Hartland
Luther H. Webb; Hartland
S. H. Willard; Mercer
George W. Williams; Hartland

Name; P.O. Address

Sarah J. Atwell; East Pittsfield
Mary E. Bartlett; Harmony
Lizzie W. Bunker; Corinna
Carrie W. Brown; Hartland
Persis Blake; Hartland
Viola Barrett; Canaan
Irene M. Brackett; Detroit
Emily H. Baker; Bingham
Marcia L. Clark; Corinna
Lydia A. Church; Hartland
Julia A. Cook; Plymouth
Emma F. Church; Hartland
Sarah J. Church; Hartland
Martha Church; Hartland
Sophia F. Chapman; Hartland
Ellen F. Cushman; Palmyra
Eunice W. Davis; Palmyra
Diantha P. Emerson; Harmony
Eveline Elliot; Hartland
Achsia E. Elkins; Palmyra
Louisa V. Folsom; Harmony
Angeline Flanders; Cornville
Mary E. Folsom; Hartland
Clara S. Folsom; Hartland
Frances A. Fish; St. Albans
Jane C. Furbush; Palmyra
Mary Fuller; Hartland
Rebecca Fuller; Hartland
Lodoski M. Fletcher; Corinna Centre
Lydia A. Givin; St. Albans
Caroline Grant; St. Albans
Eliza F. Graves; Hartland
Melissa S. Goodale; Canaan
Eva P. Goodrich; Bingham
Elizabeth M. George; Newport
Laurie B. Hawes; Corinna
Sarah E. Hawes; Corinna
Hannah E. Hilton; Corinna
Hannah M. Holway; St. Albans
Sarah J. Hall; Athens
Angela L. Ireland; North Newport
Eliza A. Ireland; Bloomfield
Adelaide Ireland; Hartland
Caroline M. Johnson; Orono
Rosan M. Keene; Palmyra
Josephine Lenfist; Palmyra
Ellen S. Lambert; Hartland
Bettie E. Lancy; Hartland
Esther E. Lothrop; St. Albans
Sarah J. Labree; Hartland
Sarah D. Lewis; Hartland
Hannah Merrill; St. Albans
Eliza Merrill; St. Albans
Nancy C. Merrill; St. Albans
Amanda J. Mitchell; Hartland
Helen M. McFarland; Hartland
Sarah J. R. Moody; Hartland
Nancy Morrill; Hartland
Lydia Merrow; Hartland
Lodisa F. Pratt; Corinna
Rachel P. Parker; Bloomfield
Emily Page; St. Albans
Mary E. Page; Norridgewock
Wealthy Page; Hartland
Mary S. Page; Hartland
Mary E. Palmer; Hartland
Eunice L. Parlin; Concord
Mary Prescott; St. Albans
Mary Robinson; Palmyra
Hannah C. Rines; Athens
Laurinda Richardson; Canaan
Amanda Ransom; St. Albans
Almira D. Shean; Hartland
Amanda Stewart; Hartland
Susan C. Spaulding; Anson
Henrietta Stinchfield; Hartland
Caroline Stinchfield; Hartland
Emma S. Smiley; St. Albans
Ellen J. Smiley; St. Albans
Emily S. Starbird; Hartland
Lydia S. Towle; Hartland
Ann E. Towle; Hartland
Berthena Towle; Hartland
Abby Towle; Hartland
Mary E. Tenny; St. Albans
Samantha P. Tuttle; Athens
Elizabeth H. Taylor; Athens
Fidelia Totman; Pishon's Ferry [in Hinckley/Fairfield area]
Helen Underwood; Fayette
Adelia S. Watson; Palmyra
Abby Webb; Hartland
Clara A. Webb; St. Albans
Samantha E. I. Williams; Palmyra
Rachel Warren; Hartland

Especially interesting among the Resolutions was that to thank "those  members of the Legislature who voted for the establishment of a Normal School in this State last winter".

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit for other researchers.

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