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Family Bible of Aaron and Roxy Blish of New York

Family Bible of Aaron and Roxy (Webster) Blish of Connecticut and New York.  The title page and a few of the first pages of the Bible are missing.  A large Bible, it's approximately 11" x 9", and 3-1/2" thick.

Closeup of the contemporary handwriting at lower left:

Aaron Blish, according to the records in the Bible, was born 21 October 1769, and Roxy was born 29 July 1774.  Also recorded are the births of their children:

  • Francis [actually Frances], born 22 November 1792
  • Novatus, born 3 April 1795
  • Aristarchus, born 21 March 1797
  • Roderick S., born 21 July 1800
  • Henry M., born 30 October 1802
  • Sophia L., born 11 March 1805
  • Sally T., born 13 September 1807
  • Almiry S., born 15 July 1810
  • Lewis [J.?], born 1 March 1813
  • Emily, born 2 June 1816

The couple was married on 3 November 1791, when Aaron was 23 and Roxy was 18.

Other marriages listed:

  • Frances, on 18 August 1811 in the 19th year of her age
  • Lovatus, on 13 November 181x [strikeover]
  • Aristarchus, on 28 January 1823
  • Sophia S., on 6 March 1823
  • Roderick S., on 20 November 1823
  • Sally T., on 2 June 1824
  • Almira, on 15 October 1834 
  • Emily, on 20 March 1843

Aaron Blish died on 4 March 1843, age age 74; Roxy died on 20 March 1859, a age 84.

Another page of Deaths:

  • Joshua W. Blish, born 10 July 1799, died 13 July 1799 [Was he a son of Aaron and Roxy not listed on the births page because of his short life?]
  • Sophia Blish, wife of Novatus Blish, died 2 March 1824
  • Harriet Blish, wife of Roderick S. Blish, died [27 or 29] February 1825
  • Henry M. Blish, died 1 April 1829 [I think]
  • Lewis Blish, died 4 August 1834
  • Novatus Blish, died 17 November 1848
  • Aristarchus Blish, died 13 November 1872
  • Roderick Blish, died 8 January 1873

Online information, hopefully correct, show Aaron Blish's place of birth as Marlborough, Connecticut, and his parents as David and Zerviah (Skinner) Blish.  

Roxana (Webster) Blish was born at Glastonbury, Connecticut, the daughter of Joshua and Beriah (Risley) Webster.

The couple raised their family in, I believe, New York, possibly at Corinth or in Delaware County.  If you have any information on the Blish and Webster families, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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  1. This is great! The story. The pictures. I am the author of a nine volume American historical fiction series in which a family Bible is passed from generation to generation. This post brought back a flood of memories. The greatest compliment I receive from readers of that series are from those who were inspired to start their own family Bible tradition.

    For anyone interested in reading my American Family Portrait series, you can find it on my website,

    Again, thanks for this blog. It made my day.

  2. Thanks for your comment. It's heartwarming to hear that folks are keeping traditions alive for the benefit of future generations. Continued good luck with your series!