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Early 1900s Autograph Album of Opal, possibly Opal Cunningham, of Kingfield, Maine and Massachusetts

Early 1900s autograph album that belonged to Opal, who lived at Kingfield, Maine; Hancock, Massachusetts and Lowell, Massachusetts.

Opal may possibly have been Opal Cunningham, as I found a person by that name living at or near those locations during the relevant time frames.   

Any other theories as to Opal's surname would be greatly appreciated.

Complete list of signers, in alphabetical order:

Florence R. Allen of Hancock, Massachusetts
Alice H. Bacheller of Lowell, Massachusetts
Orton E. Beach of Lowell, Massachusetts
Florence M. Butts of Kingfield, Maine
M. Mabel Cassidy of Lowell, Massachusetts
Alice L. Cluin of Lowell, Massachusetts
Grace D. Donovan of Lowell, Massachusetts
Pearle Durrell of Kingfield, Maine
Ruth L. Eaton of Lowell, Massachusetts
Edith C. Erskine
Ethel M. Everett of Lowell, Massachusetts
Bertha W. Ferguson of Lowell, Massachusetts
Sarah A. Gardner of Hancock, Massachusetts
Bessie E. Haskins of West Rupert, Vermont
Mary H. Killpatrick of Lowell, Massachusetts
Albert D. Mack
Ruth E. McIntire of Hancock, Massachusetts
Isabel McLean of South Williamstown, Massachusetts
Margaret Mills of Kingfield, Maine
Flora A. Owen
Eva Lilian Peck of Hancock, Massachusetts
James A. Shanley of Lowell, Massachusetts
Margaret Spear of Lowell, Massachusetts
Morton A. Sturtevant of Lowell, Massachusetts
J. Edna Walbridge of Hancock, Massachusetts

Autographs by residents of Kingfield, Maine

Autographs from Hancock, Massachusetts; South Williamstown, Massachusetts and West Rupert, Vermont:

Autographs from Lowell, Massachusetts:

No residence given:

Map of Kingfield, Maine:

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Map of Hancock, Massachusetts:

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Map of Lowell, Massachusetts:

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