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1880 Commencement Program of Dartmouth College at Hanover, New Hamphire

Order of Exercises at Commencement, Dartmouth College, June 24, 1880, at Hanover, New Hampshire.

Paper, approx 11-1/4" x 9", folded in two, to create four panels.

Order of Exercises
1.  Salutatory Oration, in Latin, by Clarence Pike of Northwood, New Hampshire
2.  Philosophical Oration, Oratorical Duels, by William Franklin Furman of Albany, New York
3.  English Oration, Historians as Partisans, by Edward Frank Jones of Manchester, New Hampshire
4.  Dissertation, Theology in English Poets, by Samuel Thomas King of Warrensburg, New York
5.  English Oration, The Immortality of Goodness, by Frank Morse Hayward of Walpole, New Hampshire
6.  Dissertation.  Every Man Dictator and Servant in his own Sphere, by Charles Henry Strout of Dover, New Hampshire
7.  English Oration.  The Majesty of Custom, by *John Baldwin Stacy of Vershire, Vermont
8.  Philosophical Disputation.   The Physical Basis of Life, by George Otis Mitchell of Bath, Maine
9.  Forensic Disputation.  Ought our Standing Army to be Increased?  by Dana Marsh Dustan of Peterborough, New Hampshire and Warren Converse French of Woodstock, Vermont
10.  English Oration.  Youth, the Inspiration of Genius, by Frank Morton of Andover, Massachusetts
11.  Dissertation.  The Benevolence of Law, by Curtis Asahel Kibling of South Strafford, Vermont                                                                                                             

12.  English Oration.  The Personal Rule of Great Leaders, by William Emerson Barrett of Claremont, New Hampshire
13.  Dissertation.  England as Russell Found it and Left it, by Edson Walter White of Wakefield, Massachusetts
14.  English Oration.  Statesmen as Attorneys, by George Henry Danforth of Dover, New Hampshire
15.  English Oration.  Paradise Lost, the Spoils of all Ages and all Countries, by Clarence Walter Spring of Lebanon, New Hampshire
16.  English Oration.  Time, the Great Leader of Liberalism, by William Lemmex Pierce of Hanover, New Hampshire
17.  English Oration.  The True Office of Man's Emotional Nature, with Valedictory Addresses, by Lyndon Ambrose Smith of Norwich, Vermont
Degrees Conferred

Graduating Class
Benjamin Franklin Armitage of Northfield, Vermont
William Emerson Barrett of Claremont
Dana Paul Dame of Dover
Andros Palmer Chesley of Epsom
Fred Elmer Cluff of Haverhill, Massachusetts
Charles Hale Cogswell of North Easton, Massachusetts
George Henry Danforth of Dover
George Atrhur Dcikey of Derry [George Arthur Dickey]
Dana Marsh Dustan of Peterborough
George Albinus Dutton of Norwich, Vermont
Willie Bainbridge Fellows of Sandwich Centre
David Johnson Foster of Passumpsic, Vermont
Thomas Flint, Jr. of San Juan, California
Warren Converse French, Jr. of Woodstock, Vermont
William Franklin Furman of Albany, New York

Alvin Dennis Gaines of North Troy, Vermont
Franklin Morton Gilmore of Faribault, Minnesota
John Edgar Ham of Dover
Frank Morse Hayward of Walpole
Robert Parkinson Herrick of Manchester
George Henry Hubbard of Sherbrooke, P.Q.
William Pierce Johnson of Lynn, Massachusetts
Edwin Frank Jones of Manchester
Curtis Asahel Kibling of South Strafford, Vermont
Samuel Thomas King of Warrensburg, New York
Oscar Garland McIntire of Manchester
George Otis Mitchell of Bath, Maine
Edwin Gould Moore of Gilmanton
Frank Morton of Andover, Massachusetts
John H. Niles of Albany, New York
Samuel Sinclare Perry of Manchester
William Lemmex Pierce of Hanover
Clarence Pike of Northwood
Frederick Jerome Ripley of North Easton, Massachusetts
William Alexander Service of Lisbon Centre, New York
Frank Fremont Smith of Hanover
Lyndon Ambrose Smith of Norwich, Vermont
William Isaac Smith of Manchester
Arthur Langdon Spring of Lebanon
Clarence Walter Spring of Lebanon
*John Baldwin Stacy of Vershire, Vermont
James Ephraim Stone of Dunbarton
Charles Henry Strout of Dover
Fred Webster Sturdivant of Cumberland, Maine
Frank Stephen Sutcliffe of Manchester
Webster Thayer of Worcester, Massachusetts
Moses Waller Wadhams of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
Edson Walter White of Wakefield, Massachusetts

Scientific Department
William Henry Allen of Claremont
William Egbert Badger of Concord
Mart Alph Beale of Southport, Maine
Arthur Wesley Chase of Manchester
George Mathiot Davidson, Jr. of Newark, Ohio
Charles Sumner Dutton of Norwich, Vermont
Edwin Dewey Field of Hanover
Daniel Putnam Haynes of Hanover
William Pitt Jones of London, Ohio
John Horton King of Malone, New York
John Edland Savage of New Market
Frank Edson Shedd of East Jaffrey
Charles Swift Sloane of Washington, D.C.
George Byron Teames of Thomaston, Connecticut
Philip Walker of New York City
Howell Winthrop Young of Minneapolis, Minnesota


If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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