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1860s Autograph Album of Maria Annette Winslow of Belfast, Maine; m. Frank B. Knowlton

1860s autograph album of Maria Annette Winslow, who was born in October of 1850, daughter of William and Anna C. (Smith) Winslow of Belfast, Maine.  

Maria inscribed a page in the autograph album of her friend Mary E. Sleeper of Belfast, Maine, as did Mary in Maria's.  Below, the page Maria inscribed in Mary's album at Belast, on February 9, 1869:

Maria's parents signed a page in her album:

Maria's paternal grandparents were Peter and Sally (Clark) Winslow.  Her maternal grandparents were Peter H. and Lydia (Sherman, I think) Smith.  The autograph album has several pages signed by peoiple with the surname Winslow and Smith.

Maria's brother William Henry Winslow, Civil War veteran and later a physician at Boston, and his wife Anne Traquair (Lang) Winslow signed a page:

Maria's brother Theophilus N. Winslow signed a page.  He shared the page with Herbert Smith, who was perhaps a relative through Theo's mother:

Maria's brother Edward N. Winslow signed two pages, one separately, and one shared with Sarah Cunningham of Milford, Massachusetts:

Edward N. Winslow's future wife, Luella Veazie McDonald of Belfast, also signed a page in the album:

Ellen Frances Winslow signed a page:

Ellen Frances Winslow's future husband, Charles B. Pote of Bangor, Maine, also signed:

Elmer S. Winslow of signed a page:

Other than the aforementioned Herbert V. Smith of Chelsea, Massachusetts, other Smiths who signed were Henry S. Smith and Maria Frances Smith of Chelsea, Massachusetts:

The autographs in this album were collected in the period before Maria was married, on 7 June 1870, at Belfast, to merchant Franklin B. Knowlton.  

Their daughter Ethel Winslow Knowlton apparently found the album when she was about ten years old and signed three separate pages.  Ethel would go on to marry Samuel Merrill Ray Locke at Belfast, on 7 June 1897.  Ethel died fairly young in 1912.

The many other signers could also include relatives and in-laws.

Complete list of signers, below, in alphabetical order.  This list includes people on pages which included multiple signatures.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the Winslow and Knowlton families or any of the people mentioned below, please leave a comment.

Note: You can view scans of all of the pages of the autograph album, in page order, here, on the Maine and Maritime Canada Genealogy network.

Annie Abbott of Belfast, Maine High School
Carrie P. Anderson of Belfast, Maine
Virginia Anderson of Belfast, Maine
Annie M. Bean of Belfast, Maine High School
Lizzie L. Brown of Belfast, Maine
Fannie E. Carter of Belfast, Maine
Emma Clifford
John H. Clifford of Chelsea, Massachusetts
Susie M. Colburn of Belfast, Maine
Belle Cunningham of Milford, Massachusetts
Fred Cunningham of Milford, Massachusetts
Jennie Cunningham of Milford, Massachusetts
Sarah Cunningham of Milford, Massachusetts
Lois C. Davis of Belfast, Maine
Margie E. Dickson of Belfast, Maine
Abbie E. Field of Belfast, Maine High School
Fannie O. Field of Belfast Maine High School ["O" as middle initial might be incorrect]
Vesta F. Frazier of Belfast, Maine High School
Annie E. Frye of Belfast, Maine
Lizzie S. Hall of Belfast, Maine
W. M. Hall of Belfast, Maine
Emma Hilton of Belfast, Maine High School
Carrie A. Kaler of Belfast, Maine
Ethel W. Knowlton of Belfast, Maine
Josie C. Knowlton of Belfast, Maine
Jennie L. Libby of Belfast, Maine
Lizzie L. Lothrop of Belfast, Maine
Lue McDonald of Belfast, Maine
Olivia McGilvery of Belfast, Maine
Florence Meriam of Chelsea, Massachusetts
Carrie M. Miller of Belfast, Maine
E. J. Morison of Belfast, Maine
Hannah P. Morison of Belfast, Maine
Mrs. L. S. Nickerson of Brewer Village, Maine
Julia M. Perry of Belfast, Maine High School
Isabella J. Perry of Belfast, Maine
Louise L. Pitcher of Belfast, Maine ["died Wed. May 5, 1869"]
M. Louise Pitcher of Camden, Maine
O. W. Pitcher of Belfast, Maine
Ada M. Pote of Belfast, Maine
Charles B. Pote of Bangor, Maine
Mrs. Charles B. Pote of Bangor, Maine
Mary Sleeper of Belfast, Maine High School
Helen E. Smith of Chelsea, Massachusetts
Henry Arthur Smith of Chelsea, Massachusetts
Henry Smith of Chelsea, Massachusetts
Herbert V. Smith of Chelsea, Massachusetts
Maria Emily Smith of Chelsea, Massachusetts
Emma F. Stephenson of Belfast, Maine
Arthur P. Thombs of Belfast, Maine
C. C. Thombs of Belfast, Maine
Helen C. Treadwell of Brewer Village, Maine 
Helena C. Treadwell of Brewer Village, Maine
Sarah J. Treadwell of Brewer Village, Maine
Helen M. Ward of New York City
Fannie E. White of Belfast, Maine
Hattie P. White of Belfast, Maine
Hugh Willis
Anna C. Winslow of Belfast, Maine
Annie Winslow (wife of William Henry Winslow) of New York
Edward N. Winslow of Boston (and another page when he was living at Belfast, Maine)
Ellen Frances Winslow
Elmer S. Winslow of Bangor, Maine
Maria A. Winslow
Theo N. Winslow (Theophilus N. Winslow) of Belfast, Maine
William Winslow of Belfast, Maine
William Henry Winslow of New York
Franklin Woodside of Roxbury, Massachusetts
Helen Frances Woodside of Roxbury, Massachusetts

A map of Belfast, Maine:

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  1. Theophilus Nickerson Winslow (married Elizabeth Wilder Chase in Belfast in 1882). The family removed to Atlanta, GA, where all four of their children were born. They spent most of their lives after 1895 in Elizabeth, NJ. Theo and Lizzie moved back to Belfast in ~1932, and are buried in the city cemetery, Old Section.

  2. One of Theo's and Lizzie's children was named Edward Nicholas Winslow; he became an ambulance driver in France in WWI.