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1881 Annual Report of Skowhegan, Maine

Annual Report of the Selectmen and S. S. Committee of the Town of Skowhegan, for the Year ending March 7th, 1881.

Printed at Skowhegan by Smith & Mayo, Skowhegan, 1881

Any names mentioned on pages will be transcribed beneath the scans.  Sadly there are some pages missing [5,6,7,8] in the School Committee section.  

Joseph Smiley
James B. Weston
J. B. Dascomb

S. A. Holbrook
A. S. Burke
H. H. Dillingham
Augustus Strikland
B. M. Hight
J. P. Adams
P. C. Steward
J. L. Burrill
Weston & Brainard
Benois Loomis
Seth Wyman
Joseph I. Burrill
Nathanial Hall
Elbridge Gower
N. C. Steward
J. M. Ireland

Henry Varney
Robinson Brothers
C. C. Arnold
Bixby & Buck
James Mitchell
H. S. Steward
W. M. E. Brown
C. K. Turner
Simon Grover
W. K. Shurtleff
Charles F. McClellan
Cushing & White
Frank Pooler
A. G. Blunt
Estate of J. W. Weston
B. F. Baker
J. S. Cushing
W. Woodbury
W. O. Ayer
James B. Dascomb
M. D. Ward
R. B. Shepherd
H. S. Steward
A. R. Smiley
Charles A. Marston

J. B. Dascomb
B. M. Hight
M. D. Ward
H. S. Steward
A. R. Smiley
Charles A. Marston

Jefferson Taylor
Miss Holt
Miss Belle Allen
Miss Myra Allen
Miss denison
Miss Annie M. Pinkham
Miss Cora Elliott
Miss Annie Ward
Miss Mae Elliott
Miss Dora Pollard
Miss Juliette Weston

Miss Nellie Merrill
Miss Emma Mayne
Miss Smith
Miss Zetta Pierce
Mr. Elvyn F. Burrill
J. S. Cushing
W. Woodbury
W. O. Ayer

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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