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1861 Commencement program, Dartmouth College at Hanover, New Hampshire

Order of Exercises at Commencement, Dartmouth College, July 25, 1861.  Sheet of paper approx. 20" x 12", folded thrice, creating 8 panels.

Order of Exercises
The speakers, to whom the following subjects were assigned, were drawn from the Class by lot.
1.  National Calamities Incentives to National Virtues, by George Sylvester Morris of Norwich, Vermont
2.  The Genius of Napoleon III, compared with that of Napoleon I, by Edward Dana Redington of St. Johnsbury, Vermont
3.  The Pathetic Element in Modern Humorists, by George William Estabrook of Concord, New Hampshire
4.  Milton and Bunyan as Leaders of English Puritanism, by David Henry Brown of Raymond, New Hampshire
5.  The changing Centres of Civilization, by De Witt Clinton Duncan of Cherokee Nation
6.  English Universities: The Sources of their Power, by William Wallace Dow of Portsmouth, New Hampshire
7.  National Emblems, by Andrew Jackson Goss of Epsom
8.  Tests of True Philanthropy, by John Leander Brewster of Wolfborough, New Hampshire

9.  The Prince of Wales at the Tomb of Washington, by William Brackett Weeks of Canaan, New Hampshire
10.  The Importance of a Diffusion of Taste among all Classes, by Henry Pitt Page of Centre Harbor, New Hampshire
11.  New York - the Commercial Metropolis of North America, by George Le Roy Gleason of Warren, New Hampshire
12.  The Rising Power of Spain, by Henry Marcus Putney of Dunbarton, New Hampshire
13.  The Relations of Physical Science to Religion, by Edmund Sawyer Hoyt of Warner, New Hampshire
14.  American Superficiality, by Galen Benjamin Seaman of Millport, New York
15.  The Attempts to Lay an Atlantic Cable, by Joseph Doe Weeks of Canaan, New Hampshire
16.  The Fortunes of a Country as Determined by its Products, by Benjamin Greely Page of Gilmanton, New Hampshire
17.  Knowledge not Education, by George Augustus Marden of Mont Vernon, New Hampshire
18.  The Recent Vindication of the Character of Lord Bacon, by Edward Norton, Essex, MS [Massachusetts, rather than Mississippi.]
19.  Comparative Value of Breadth and of Acuteness of Mind, by David Farnum Cole of Grafton, New Hampshire

20.  The Struggles of Liberty in the Netherlands, by Henry Mills Caldwell of Dunbarton, New Hampshire
21.  Obligations of a Country to its Great Jurists, by William Jewett Tucker of Plymouth, New Hampshire
22.  Perpetuity of National Existence essential to the highest Civilization, by Daniel James Noyes, Jr. of Hanover, New Hampshire

23/  Oration.  Italian resurgens, by Mr. Samuel Augustus Duncan of Meriden, New Hampshire, a Candidate for the Degree of Master of Arts
Degrees Conferred

Graduating Class
John Worthington Hopkins Baker of Greensboro, Vermont
John Leander Brewster of Wolfborough
David Henry Brown of Raymond
Milton Moses Browne of East Elba, New York
George Anson Bruce of Mont Vernon
John Ware Butterfield of Concord
Henry Mills Caldwell of Dunbarton
George Washington Cate of East Northwood
Joseph Venable Chase of Macomb, Illinois
Wendell Hamlen Cobb of New Bedford, Massachusetts
William Wallace Colburn of New Boston
David Farnham Cole of Grafton
Henry John Crippen of Grafton, Massachusetts
Eben Harlow Davis of Acton, Massachusetts
Edmund Davis of Dedham, Massachusetts
William Wallace Dow of Portsmouth
De Witt Clinton Duncan of Cherokee Nation
George William Estabrook of Concord
James Piermont Gilman of Gilmanton
George Le Roy Gleason of Warren
Andrew Jackson Goss of Epsom
Jasper Spurzheim Grant of Ossipee Centre
George Enos Hodgdon of Portsmouth
Abel Trumbull Howard of West Hartford, Vermont
Edmund Sawyer Hoyt of Warner
Benjamin Franklin Jenness of Dover

Amos Byron Jones of East Washington
Nathanial Tenney Kimball of Bradford, Massachusetts
Edward Boardman Knight of New London
George Augustus Marden of Mont Vernon
George Hubbard Marsh of Claremont
Sidney Augustus Merriam of Topsfield, Massachusetts
Henry Kingsbury Moore of Concord
George Sylvester Morris of Norwich, Vermont
Frank Rogers Morse of Salisbury
Edward Norton of Essex, Massachusetts
Daniel James Noyes, Jr. of Hanover
John Palmer Olney of Wickford, Rhode Island
Albert Gilbert Osgood of Hanover
Benjamin Greely Page of Gilmanton
Harlan Winslow Page of Tamworth
Henry Pitt Page of Centre Harbor
William Robie Patten of Candia
Francis William Perkins of Boston, Massachusetts
Henry Marcus Putney of Dunbarton
Edward Dana Redington of St. Johnsbury, Vermont
Charles Tyng Richardson of Boston, Massachusets
Edward Thomas Rowell of West Concord
Galen Benjamin Seaman of Millport, New York
Manson Seavy of New Hampton
Benjamin Rush Skinner of Greenport, Long Island
Joseph Oliver Stearns of South Walpole, Maine
Gilman Henry Tucker of Raymond
William Jewett Tucker of Plymouth
Joseph Doe Weeks of Canaan
William Brackett Weeks of Canaan
Henry Clay Welch of Lowell, Massachusetts
James Monroe Whitaker of Windham 58

Chandler Scientific Class
Albert Barnes of Cherokee Nation
Marshall Lebanon Brown of Keene
Charles Appleton Fiske of Fisherville
Henry Bartlett Green of Plymouth
Lycortas Brewer Hall of Windsor, Vermont
Horace Greenleaf McDuffie of Bradford, Vermont
Henry Harrison Saunders of West Gaines, New York
Abbot Pierson Wilder of Gill, Massachusetts

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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