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1880s Autograph Album of Mamie, Vassalboro and China area of Maine

1880s autograph album that belonged to a "Mamie", who may have been a student at E. H. S., likely Erskine High School at South China, Maine, as many of the signers signed E. H. S.

On the page, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Starrett indicated that the owner of the autograph album was a "Miss Mamie".

The following signer indicated that she was a student at E. H. S. and a schoolmate of Mamie.

The following signer, Miss Lutie Merrill [I may have misinterpreted her given name] of Weeks Mills, indicated she was Mamie's cousin.  Whether or not Mamie's surname was Merrill, I don't know.  Hopefully a reader will have an idea of her identity.

From these clues, I'm hoping that a reader will recognize Mamie and leave a comment with her identity.

Delia A. Hallowell of West Windsor, Maine signed in two places:

When the sticker is pulled back:

Complete list of signers in alphabetical order:

Bennett, Waldo H. of Newport, Maine
Boynton, Cassie M. Windsor, Maine
Brown, Perley G. of Palermo, Maine
Burrill, Albert H. of Windsor, Maine
Burrill, Sarah A. Windsor, Maine
Carey, Edith Windsor, Maine
Caswell, Annie Windsor, Maine
Caswell, G. R. of West Windsor,Maine
Chadwick, Elton J. of China, Maine
Clark, Nellie D. of China, Maine
Cobb, Bertha S. of South Vassalboro, Maine
Cobb, Isabella of South Vassalboro, Maine
Cooper, Isabel of Newport, Maine
Dickey, Lewis J. of South Vassalboro, Maine
Fernald, Grace E. of Augusta, Maine
Fletcher, Glennie of Newport, Maine
Giddings, Burton of Weeks Mills, Maine
Giddings, George of Weeks Mills, Maine
Hallowell, Delia A. of West Windsor, Maine
Hallowell, Etta
Hallowell, F. M.
Holway, May E. of Solon, Maine
Hubbard, Helen F. of Newport, Maine
Jaquith, Hallie  of Newport, Maine
Luce, Dannie of Readfield, Maine
Merrill, Flossie F. of Newport, Maine
Merrill, H. F. of North Windsor, Maine
Merrill, Lutie of Weeks Mills, Maine
Mills, Myra of Newport, Maine
Mosher, Etta
Nelson, Jennie B. of North Vassalboro, Maine
Pierce, F. L. of West Windsor, Maine
Pierce, George of West Windsor, Maine
Pierce, L. B.
Pierce, Lena M. of West Windsor, Maine
Pierce, Lizzie G.
Pierce, Nancy P. of Boston, Massachusetts
Ring, Jessie M. of Newport, Maine
Small, Roy H. of Ash Point, Maine
Starrett, Charlie D. of South China, Maine
Starrett, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. of South China, Maine
Starrett, Preston H. of South China,Maine
Stevens, W. M. of North Windsor, Maine
Stone, Walter of South Vassalboro, Maine
Stuart, Bertha of Newport, Maine
Thompson, Carrie H.
Thompson, W. J.
Thorn, L. Hortense of Island Falls, Maine
Tobey, Minnie
Webber, Gertie A. of South China, Maine
Whitehouse, Forrest B. of South Vassalboro, Maine
Wyer, Hattie M. of East Vassalboro, Maine
Wyer, Sara B. of East Vassalboro, Maine

To see scans of all of the pages in page order, click here to see the album on the Maine and Maritime Canada Genealogy network.

A map of the South China, Maine, and Vassalboro, Maine area:

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