Sunday, January 1, 2012

1872 Autograph page of Ella Maria Morse of Wolfville, Nova Soctia

Assuming I have the correct person, Ella Maria Morse was born 24 December 1852 at Wolfville, Nova Scotia, the daughter of James S. and Margaret Morse.

On 4 February 1875 at Wolfville, she married Francis Hill Doull.  He was born 30 January 1852 in Nova Scotia, the son of John and Jane Doull.

The couple moved to Halifax and raised a family of at least four: Maggie Doull; Harry Morse Doull; Arthur Ernest Doull (Dr.); and Hilda Doull.

Francis died in 1932 and Ella in 1947.

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A map of Wolfville, Nova Scotia:

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