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1878 Annual Report for Town of Fryeburg, Maine

Annual Report of the Selectmen, Treasurer and Supervisor of Schools of the Town of Fryeburg, Maine, for the Year Ending February 20, 1878.  Printed in Fryeburg by Amateur Job Press, 1878.

F. C. Evans
Dr. Buzzell
D. Meserve

Col. Walker
Lavinia Stevens
Daniel Sargent
James McNeal
Orin Edgecomb
Susan Smart
Fred B. Johnson
Betsey Lovis
Joanna Edgecomb

Jacob P. Cole

Mrs. M. Chandler
John K. Hunt
W. H. H. Bickford
James Ela

E. F. Anderson
Stephen Farrington
John Locke
Seth W. Fife
Hiram K. Hobbs
George W. Abbott
B. C. Chadbourn
T. S. McIntire
W. B. Hutchins
Jacob P. Cole
B. N. Stone
Barnes Walker 
Mrs. M. Chandler
B. F. Wiley
Frank Wiley
J. Bachelder
John Weston
Adelbert Wiley
Wyman H. Jones
J. M. Gordon
E. P. Weston & Co
Nutter, Fox & Co
A. W. Anderson
Frank W. Bradley
J. Bachelder
J. Marston
Dexter Thomas
Locke, Nutter & Co
W. H. Wiswell
Amos C. Ward
J. Bachelder
W. Smith Haley
H. K. Hobbs
W. S. Hobbs

W. A. Douglass
H. F. Hurd
L. L. Howard, Hr.
Jonathan Hardy
G. W. Abbott
W. H. Wiswell
R. G. Harriman
Charles Hariman
Frank Y. Bradley
John Locke
A. W. Anderson
Barnes Walker
E. P. Weston & Co.
Fred W. Powers
N. O. McIntire
H. B. Flint
Samuel Dearborn
S. B. Knox
Caleb McIntire
James Lord
F. A. Mitchell
Jacob P. Cole
Charles Chandler
C. H. Tibbetts
W. Smith Haley
Hiram K. Hobbs
A. W. Anderson
Noyes Abbott
C. Chandler
C. & F. N. Frye
Heirs of T. C. Ward
Calvin Harnden
George A. Adjutant
Shirley & Lewis
Fred Holt
Jerome B. Fellows
A. O. Pike
T. S. McIntire
W. C. Towle
J. K. Hunt

I. B. Bradley
Washington Richardson
G. W. Abbott
Seth A. Page
A. P. Gordon
James L. Lovis
Francis Willey
Randall Hastings
Samuel Knox
Eugene Chadbourn
W. A. Douglass
Andrew H. Evans
Ira C. Seavey
John L. Stanley
George H. Walker
Benjamin G. Seavey
Joseph H. Johnson
Orrin Charles
W. F. Bennett
A. V. Stevens
N. A. Quincy
Samuel Charles
Anson Charles
Horace Blake
Amos A. McIntire
Eckley Ballard
A. W. Anderson
Joseph Heath
Merrill Fellows
James H. Hardy
Edward L. Walker
James Osgood
Luther S. Harnden
Osborn Charles
Ira Smart
William Lord

J. C. Harriman
R. G. Harriman
Oscar McIntire
G. W. Farrington
Hiram K. Hobbs
Eben I. Fessenden
Enos Day
Thomas K. Holt
Joseph Heath
Bailey Knight
Lewis Howe
Thomas M. Johnson
C. W. Waterhouse, Jr.
John K. Hall
Henry Walker
Abel Sanborn
Thomas A. Quint
Calvin Harnden
Oscar G. Bemis
Joseph Chadbourn
George W. Thompson
Charles S. Stearns
Charles Hutchins
W. F. Holt
George Snow
Frank Y. Bradley
Hiram K. Hobbs
Wyman H. Jones
Thomas S. McIntire
Nelson O. McIntire
John Locke
Frank Y. Bradley
Hiram K. Hobbs
Wyman H. Jones

R. Hastings
J. Bachelder
George H. Walker
A. O. Pike
D. R. Hastings
E. N. Fox
W. Holt
W. A. Stevens
J. Charles
J. Bachelder
R. Hastings
G. H. Walker
N. O. McIntire
John Locke

Emily Farrington
Fred B. Osgood
N. O. McIntire
Laura Carlton
Eliza Knight
Lillian Ward
Granville Austin
Mary Warren
Mary Flint
Ida Baker
Byron Hutchins
Orlando Charles
Francelia Pierce
Fred Powers
Hulda Hobbs
Enoch Hazen
Ellen Peary
Louisa Frost
Nellie Day
Martha Pike

With but few exceptions the teachers in our schools the past year have not been wanting in age and experience.  They have entered into their work with energy and enthusiasm, consequently our schools are in a more prosperous condition than they were one year ago, especially some of the smaller Districts.

The schools in which there seems to be manifested the most interest at the present time, are No. 10 in North Fryeburg, No. 6 in East Fryeburg, No. 13 at the Toll Bridge, No. 8 in West Fryeburg, No. 15 at the Harbor, and No. 11 at the Centre.  In none of the other Districts has there been any serious trouble, or any great waste of time and money.

During the past year District No. 11 has erected a pleasant school house.  With the exception of Districts Nos. 15, 12 and 7, our school houses are in a very good condition.

The Teachers, whom I would recommend as the best qualified to govern and instruct youth, are Miss Knight, Miss Farrington, Miss Baker, Miss Flint, Mrs. Carlton, Mrs. Pike, Mr. Powers, Mr. Hazen, Mr. Hutchins and Mr. Austin.  There are others, who are equally as good instructors but failed to have as good order.

Miss Warren, Miss Hobs and Miss Peary have been profitable teachers.

Respectfully submitted, 
N. O. McIntire, Supervisor

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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