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Family Bible of Amy E. (Robbins) Hatch Hatch Sears of Piscataquis and Penobscot Counties in Maine

Family Bible of Amy E. (Robbins) Hatch Hatch Sears of Piscataquis County and Penobscot Counties in Maine.

Amy's husbands were Charles Hatch; Bion B. Hatch and John Walter Sears.   The Bible apparently passed into the ownership of Bertie E. Gray, or Bertie F. Gray.

The Bible measures approximately 7" by 5-1/4" by 2".  It was printed in 1894 by the American Bible Society in New York.  Some of the entries in the Bible predate 1894, so hopefully the dates were recalled correctly.

The Marriages page lists Amy's three marriages, as well as the marriages of her two daughters with her first husband Charles Hatch: Florence Mabel (Hatch) Noddin and Laura Bell (Hatch) Goodell Sears.

The left Births page, below, lists birth dates in the family, including those of Amy's parents, siblings and herself, and the birth dates of the children of Amy's daughter Laura Bell (Hatch) Goodell Sears with first husband Hugh S. Goodell and with second husband John Sears.

The right Births page, shown below, lists the births dates of Amy, her first husband Charles, their two daughters; Amy's future husbands Bion B. Hatch and John Walter Sears; and the birth dates of the children of Amy's daughter Florence Mabel (Hatch) Noddin with husband Albert Silas Noddin.

The Deaths page lists death dates of members of the Robbins family, including that of Amy herself.

An end paper adjacent to the Deaths page above contains the death dates of Amy's husbands: Charles Hatch; Bion B. Hatch; and John Walter Sears.

From online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions welcome, but be discreet in the case of people who may still be living]

Amy E. Robbins was born October 5, 1869 at Orneville, Maine, the daughter of Amiel and Emeline (Horne) Robbins.  On November 21, 1886, Amy married Charles Hatch, son of Charles Nelson Hatch and Emily (Libby) Hatch.  Amy and Charles, who had two daughters, Florence Mabel Hatch and Laura Bell Hatch, appear to have divorced, possibly around 1905.

On October 17, 1908, Amy married Bion B. Hatch, son of Hall B. and Jane (Blackey or Blackie ?) Hatch.  I don't believe Amy and Bion had any children.  Bion died in 1920 at Willimantic, Maine and is buried there.

On October 5, 1920, Amy married John Walter Sears, son of William and Edith (Kirk) Sears.  John Walter Sears had previously been married to Lizzie M. (Low) Sears.  Lizzie died in 1921, so apparently she and John Walter had divorced.

John Walter Sears died in 1946; Amy had predeceased him in 1936.

Refer to the pages above for information on the children of Amy's two daughters with first husband Charles Hatch.  If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Be careful about leaving information about people who may be living.

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  1. Dear Pam Beveridge: I am beyond words to see this Bible = I am in shock to see it. My paternal grandmother was Florence Mable (Hatch) Noddin. My father, Carl Noddin, was born very late to Albert Silas Noddin and Florence. Albert died in 1930 and my Dad was born in 1928. It is such a blessing to see the names of my family Uncle Charlie, Uncle Nick, Aunt Elida, Minnie & Carrie. Do you know the whereabouts of the Bible? I also have photos of some of these people. Thank you for sharing and I can hardly wait to tell my cousins!! Most sincerely, Jan (Noddin) Blanchette.