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c 1890s Cabinet Photograph of Elderly Eliza (Emmons) Blake of Limington, Maine

Circa 1880s/1890s cabinet photograph of an elderly woman identified on the reverse as Lizzie Emmons Blake.    She was Eliza (Emmons) Blake, "Lizzie", wife of Benjamin Blake of Limington, Maine.

The photograph was taken by the Smith Studio, which I believe was located at Sanford, Maine but might have had multiple locations.  The photographer was presumably Celia Roxie (Cook) Smith, wife of  house painter William Smith.  They indicated to the enumerator of the 1900 Census that they'd been married two years, indicating that the Eliza's photograph was taken not long before she died.  However, I found a New Hampshire marriage record that indicates they were actually married on October 23, 1887 at Rochester, New Hampshire, so the photograph range is expanded by another ten years.

Celia Roxie (Cook) Smith was born at Barrington, New Hampshire, on December 29, 1860, daughter of Alden B. Cook and Mary E. (Wentworth) Cook.  She's buried at the Riverside Cemetery at Springvale, Maine.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested!]

Eliza Emmons was born about 1814 at Lyman, Maine, the place named on her death record, so possibly incorrect.  Her parents on that record were listed as ? Emmons and Margaret Cousins.  The indexer gave her father's given name as Fredrich, but I'm not sure that's correct.

On June 6, 1836 at Lyman, Maine, Eliza married Benjamin Blake, Jr., son of Benjamin and Betsey (Moody) Blake of Limington, Maine.  They made their home at Limington and had, I think, six children, at least two of whom died in childhood.
  1. Margaret E. Blake (1837-1897); married Jonathan Babb
  2. Gideon M. Blake (1840-1877); married Cordelia Winslow Staples
  3. Mary A. Blake (1842-?)
  4. Charles F. Blake (1848-1849)
  5. Edwin A. Blake (about 1853-?); married 1) Florence G. Keeley; 2) Anna A. Bolton
  6. Harriet Lillie Blake, or Lillie E. Blake (1858-1867)
Benjamin Blake, Jr., died October 23, 1874; Eliza (Emmons) Blake died September 16, 1898.  If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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