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1860s/70s Account Book of Edward D. Kaler and Wife Elizabeth McLellan (Shibles) Kaler of Waldoboro, Maine

Small 1860s/1870s account book that belonged to the family of Edward D. Kaler and wife Elizabeth McLellan (Shibles) Kaler, "Eliza", of Waldoboro, Maine.

The book measures a bit less than 6" by 4" and contains nine leaves.  Two of the leaves are missing portions; one leaf is detached but present; and there may be missing pages.  The inside front and back covers were both used.  See all of the pages at the end of this post.

The inside front cover indicates that the account book was the property of Eliza Mc. Keller, presumably Elizabeth McLellan (Shibles) Kaler.  The inside front cover also notes the death of Edward's older brother George Kaler (1789-1861), on September 15, 1861.  He's listed as Captain George Kaler on a Find-a-Grave page, so presumably he was a sea captain.

Eliza noted on two pages that two of her granddaughters were at the head of the class:  Eliza B. Kaler and Alcada Kaler [spelled Alcarder in the account book].  They were the daughters of Eliza and Edward's son Oscar E. Kaler and his wife Elizabeth (possibly Kaler) Kaler.   Eliza, born in 1857, married Lyndon W. Keizer; she died in1903 at age 46.  Sadly, Alcada, born in 1859, died even younger, in 1883 at age 23, a few short years after her 1879 marriage to George Achorn.

Edward's ancestors were among the German immigrants to the Broad Bay Settlement, at what is now Waldoboro, Maine, encouraged to settle there by land grantee Samuel Waldo; he and his son made several trips to Europe to recruit settlers.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested!]

Edward D. Kaler was born at Waldoboro, Maine, on March 4, 1800, the son of Charles Ludwig Kaler and Mary (Genthner) Kaler.  Elizabeth McLellan (Shibles) Kaler, "Eliza", was born on April 24, 1800, possibly at Thomaston, Maine.  Edward and Eliza married in 1823 at Waldoboro, Maine.  They had at least four children:
  1. Webster Kaler (1824-1920); married Rebecca Achorn
  2. Jane Ann Kaler (1825-1907); married Benjamin M. Kaler
  3. Edward B. Kaler (1830-1917); married Mary Umberhind
  4. Oscar E. Kaler (1832-1901); married 1) Elizabeth (possibly Kaler) Kaler; 2) Amanda V. Nash
Names in the Account Book
  • Densmore
  • Genthner; written as Gentner in the account book
  • Alcada Kaler; daughter of Oscar E. Kaler, son of Elizabeth McLellan (Shibles) Kaler and Edward D. Kaler
  • Alden O. Kaler; grandson of Edward D. Kaler and Elizabeth McLellan (Shibles) Kaler; son of Benjamin M. and Jane Ann (Kaler) Kaler
  • Edward D. Kaler; husband of account book owner Elizabeth McLellan (Shibles) Kaler, "Eliza"
  • Eliza Mc. Kaler; Elizabeth McLellan (Shibles) Kaler; account book owner
  • Eliza B. Kaler; daughter of Oscar E. Kaler, son of Elizabeth McLellan (Shibles) Kaler and Edward D. Kaler
  • George Kaler; older brother of Edward D. Kaler
  • Jane Ann Kaler; daughter of Edward D. Kaler and Elizabeth McLellan (Shibles) Kaler
  • Oscar E. Kaler; son of Edward D. Kaler and Elizabeth McLellan (Shibles) Kaler
If you have additional information on any of these people, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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  1. My husband is a direct descendant of some of the Kaler's out of Waldoboro. If no one claims this, there is the Old Broadbay Historical Society that focuses on the German migration t the area. My husband hs been working on his genealogy through them and can get this forwarded to them as a donation.

    I was the one who claimed the Charles C. Morrison picture

    Lorena Caler