Wednesday, June 24, 2015

c1890s Cabinet Photograph of Fannie H. Smith or Fannie W. Smith; by the Smith Studio, presumably of Sanford, Maine

c1890s cabinet photograph of a young woman identified on the reverse as Fannie H. Smith or Fannie W. Smith.

The photograph was taken by the Smith Studio, which I believe was located at Sanford, Maine but might have had multiple locations.  The photographer was presumably Celia Roxie (Cook) Smith, wife of  house painter William Smith.  They indicated to the enumerator of the 1900 Census that they'd been married two years, indicating that Fannie's photograph was taken about that time.  However, I found a New Hampshire marriage record that indicates Celia and William were actually married on October 23, 1887 at Rochester, New Hampshire, so the photograph range is expanded by another ten years.

Celia Roxie (Cook) Smith was born at Barrington, New Hampshire, on December 29, 1860, daughter of Alden B. Cook and Mary E. (Wentworth) Cook.  She's buried at the Riverside Cemetery at Springvale, Maine.

If you have information on a Fannie H. Smith/Fannie W. Smith or Celia Roxie (Cook) Smith, please leave a comment or contact me directly.


  1. Hello. I have Fanchon "Fannie" W. Smith in my family tree. She was born and raised in CA, but was in NY in the late 1800s and New Haven, CT in 1900. She became Moulton by marriage in 1898. Ernest and James seem to be the only brothers of Fannie's that I can find, but I haven't looked extensively. So far, no William has sprung up, and I have no connection to a Celia Cook. I can try to look into a William more.

    1. Interesting! Wonder if it's the same person - can't rule it out. Moulton is a surname common in Maine.

  2. I found a wedding announcement in the newspaper for Janet Moulton, Daughter of my relative Fanchon W. Smith. She bears a striking resemblance, I believe.