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Cabinet Photograph of Middle-Aged Emery Jones (1827-1908) of Freeport, Maine

Cabinet photograph of a middle-aged man identified on the reverse as ship figurehead carver Emery Jones of Freeport, Maine.  The photograph was taken by the Ira S. Coffin studio of Freeport, Maine.  The reverse of the photograph also has the name of Orra D. Jones; she was the wife of Emery's son Edson B. Jones.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested!]

Emery Jones was born September 26, 1827 at Pownal, Maine, the son of Captain Cyrus Jones and Rebecca (Tyler) Jones.  On May 1, 1851 at Providence, Rhode Island, Emery married Eunice C. Merrill, daughter of Jacob and Abigail Noyes (Dunbar) Merrill of Maine.  The couple lived at Freeport, Maine, and had, I believe, four children:
  1. Charles W. Jones, born about May 1852; married Dorcas Brown Williams
  2. Herbert B. Jones, born about November 1857; married Drusilla S. Brewster
  3. Edson E. Jones, born about June 1862; married Orra D. Leavitt [mentioned at top]
  4. Grace Ardell Jones, born May 29, 1864; married John Milton Gooding
Emery Jones died July 15, 1908; Eunice C. (Merrill) Jones died May 4, 1919; they and other family members are buried at South Freeport Cemetery at South Freeport, Maine.  Read more about the family here, in a tribute to Eunice C. (Merrill) Jones by the Daughters of the American Revolution, from a 1920 D.A.R. magazine of 1920.

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  1. Is the photograph (or a copy of it) available? I am the great-great-grand-daughter of Emery Jones and Eunice Merrill Jones.