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1870s/1880s Autograph Album of Belle Waller Tunstall of Norfolk, Virginia - includes autographs of U.S. Navy Officers

1870s/1880s autograph album that belonged to Belle Waller Tunstall of Norfolk, Virginia.  Several, perhaps many, of the pages were inscribed by officers in the United States Navy.

Toward the end of the album, Belle signed a page herself.

The album is approximately 5-1/4" x 3-1/4" and contains the sentiments of nearly 30 people, though some may have signed more than once.

From online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions welcome!]

Belle Waller Tunstall was born 6 October 1856 in Virginia, the daughter of Dr. Richard Baylor Tunstall and Virginia Greenhow (Waller) Tunstall.   The Waller line went back to Benjamin Waller (1716-1786), a Member of the House of Burgesses.

On 4 November 1896, Belle became the second wife of Dr. Frank Anthony Walke, son of John Newton Walke and, I think, Mary E. (Land) Walke.  Dr. Frank's first wife, Anne Maria (Baylor) Walke, died in 1896.

A few pages from the album:

James ? signed a page on October 14, 1880, possibly at Ellerslie, Virginia.

W. H. D. drew a flower and mentioned E.O.T.I.F.D.

Walter S. French of the United States Navy, who served on the "Huron"

Ed. S. Grant

John Quinby, whose middle initial might have been G.

Belle pasted the calling card of Hamilton Hutchins of the United States Navy on a page; Jacob Medary added his name to the card.

I believe the R. A. Urquhart of the U.S.S. Powhatan who signed a page on January 12, 1876 was surgeon Richard A. Urquhart.

F. Heath Terrill of the U.S.S. Wyandotte signed a page on January 12, 1876.

Charles A. Read signed on October 16, 1880, at Ellerslie, Virginia.

Charles Green signed on October 18, 1880.

Walton Goodwin of the U.S.S. Passaic signed in March 1876.

A signer, possibly with the initials W. ? B., drew a naval insignia.

J. H. Fillmore of the U.S.S. Quinnebaug signed a page on November 17, 1878.  The was the second Quinnebaug, launched in 1875.

William H. Kennedy; someone, presumably Belle herself, added she acquired the card on Kennedy's last visit in December 1877.

Charles E. Munroe

Several pages mentioned "The Shade", which may have been a gathering place in the Norfolk area.  M. F. Green signed at The Shade on October 21, 1880.

A clipping pasted inside has handwriting at the bottom which mentions The Shade.

The last entry in the album is this unsigned note pasted in, written at Hampden Sidney College, on September 3, 1877.  Whether the spelling was different then or not, I don't know, but it's known as Hampden-Sydney College today.

If you have corrections to the information on Belle Wallter Tunstall or her husband Dr. Frank Anthony Walke, or information on any of the signers, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Surnames in the album   [Some appear multiple times; many surnames couldn't be determined.]


Signers in the album   [Note: given names within a specific surname may not be in alphabetical order.]

  • W. H. D. drew a flower
  • James ?, signed on October 14, 1880; surname something like Jebt
  • No name, but signed at Annapolis, Maryland, on February 15, 1878
  • J. R. L. ("S.F.), signed on October 19, 1877
  • Signed by ? at Ellerslie, Virginia, on September 29, 1880
  • M., signed on August 5, 1877
  • Unnamed, signed at The Shade, signed October 21, 1880
  • M., signed on April 22, 1876
  • Naval insignia, containing initials, possibly W. ? B., signed on January 29, 1879
  • Unsigned
  • Unnamed signer; signed at Hampden Sidney College, on September 3, 1877 [the College is Hampden-Sydney College.]
  • J. H. Fillmore, with the U.S.S. Quinnebaug, signed on November 17, 1878; John H. Fillmore.
  • Walter S. French, on the "Huron", U.S.N.
  • Walton Goodwin, Lieutenant, U.S.N., on the U.S.S. Passaic, signed in March 1876
  • Ed. S. Grant
  • Charles Green
  • Charles Green, signed on October 18, 1880
  • M. F. Green, signed at The Shade on October 21, 1880
  • Edward Green, signed on October 13, 1880
  • E. Green, signed at "The Shade", on October 18, 1880; "14 y.o."
  • Hamilton Hutchins, U.S.N.  Also has the signature of Jacob Medary
  • William H. Kennedy, signed in December 1877
  • Charles E. Munroe
  • John Quinby; middle initial possibly G.
  • Charles A. Read, signed on October 16, 1880 at Ellerslie, Virginia
  • F. Heath Terrill of U.S.S. Wyandotte, signed on January 12, 1876
  • Belle Waller Tunstall of Norfolk, Virginia - her 1870s autograph album with autographs of Naval Officers; she signed her name on a page in the middle of the album
  • R. A. Urquhart of the U.S.S. Powhatan, signed January 12, 1876; "The happiest day of all the New Year".  Presumably the Navy surgeon
Norfolk, Virginia

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