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1866 Catalog of Paris Hill Academy, Paris, Maine - Names of Faculty, Students

1866 Catalog of Paris Hill Academy at Paris, Maine; contains names of administration, faculty, students. Printed at Paris, Maine by W. A. Pidgin & Co.  Founded by Hannibal Hamlin, Abraham Lincoln's first Vice-President, Paris Hill Academy operated from 1857-1901.

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The building is maintained by the Paris Hill Community Club and is used for community and social functions.

The catalog is approximately 9" x 5-3/4" and contains 11 pages of text.

Board of Trustees

Alvah Black, Esq., President
Dr. T. H. Brown, Vice President
Samuel R. Carter, Esq., Secretary
Jairus K. Hammond, Esq., Treasurer


J. C. Irish, Principal
Miss Estella O. Chase, Preceptress, Spring Term
Miss C. B. Andrews, Preceptress, Fall Term
Miss Lottie E. Hall, Teacher of Music


Classical Department

Edward T. Brown, Paris Hill
Edwin A. Chase, Portland
Augustus L. Crocker, Paris Hill
Edwin A. Daniels, Paris Hill
William E. Frost, Norway
George W. Hutchinson, Paris Hill
Daniel H. McWain, Norway
Percival J. Parris, Paris Hill
Amos K. Towne, Norway


Columbia D. Bradford, North Paris
Agnes M. Brown, Paris Hill
Mira M. Crocker, Paris Hill
Abbie A. Cummings, Paris Hill
Lizzie S. Cummings, Paris Hill
Alice J. Farrar, Paris Hill
Hattie Hubbard, Paris Hill
Lizzie Hubbard, Paris Hill
Mollie Hubbard, Paris Hill
Katie W. Hutchinson, Paris Hill
Amanda Maxim, Buckfield
Pauline C. Murdock, North Paris
Fannie L. Perham, Paris Hill
Georgia S. Perham, Paris Hill
Ella A. Sanderson, Norway
Ella F. Twitchell, Paris Hill
Julia Estella Waldron, Buckfield

English Department


Albert A. Andrews, Paris Hill
Algernon S. Andrews, Paris Hill
George H. Bessey, Paris Hill
Charles A. Black, Paris Hill
Winfield S. Bucknam, Sumner
Jarvis L. Carter, Paris Hill
A. Montrose Chase, Paris Hill
Thomas C. Clark, Paris Hill
James B. Colburn, Paris Hill
Charles H. Cummings, Paris Hill
Wallace H. Cummings, Paris Hill
M. Alvah Curtis, Paris Hill
Francis W. Daniels, Paris
Joseph D. Day, Paris
David L. Farrar, Paris
Edwin T. Field, North Paris
Chandler Garland, Paris Hill
James L. Gibson, Paris Hill
George L. Hammond, Paris Hill

Herbert P. Hammond, Paris Hill
William L. Harlow, Paris Hill
H. H. Hathaway, Paris
Andrew J. Jackson, Snow's Falls
James R. Kimball, Paris Hill
Elmer H. Marble, Paris Hill
Charles J. Mellen, Paris Hill
Francis H. Packard, Paris
S. Greenlief Packard, Paris
John C. Royal, Paris
T. E. Ryerson, Paris
Charles E. Thayer, Paris
Charles H. Thayer, Paris Hill
John R. Walton, Paris Hill
James L. Whittemore, Paris


Alice L. Bessey, Paris Hill
Gertrude J. Brown, Paris Hill
Ella M. Clark, Paris Hill
Isabelle Cummings, Paris Hill
Clara Dudley, Paris
Belle M. Garland, Paris Hill
Addie I. Hammond, Paris Hill
Alice K. Hammond, Paris Hill
Lottie F. Hammond, Paris Hill
Jennie Hubbard, Paris Hill

Katie M. Kimball, Paris Hill
Fannie F. Marble, Paris Hill
Lizzie H. Marble, Paris Hill
Marcia E. Maxwell, Paris Hill
Jennie R. Packard, Paris
Aida E. Ripley, Paris
Eliza F. Ripley, Paris
Flora H. Ripley, Paris
Fannie I. Rawson, Paris Hill
Nellie H. Rawson, Paris Hill
Ada I. Ryerson, Paris
Hattie L. Vose, Paris Hill
Mabel Vose, Paris Hill
Cynthia A. Warner, North Paris
Ella M. Warner, North Paris
Ardena L. Wyman, Paris Hill

Two pages describing the curriculum, amenities and fees.

The historic district of Paris Hill, at Paris, Maine

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