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Salem, Massachusetts: program for 1812-1912 Centenary of Missionaries to Asia

Centenary of the Ordination of the First Missionaries from this Country "to the Heathen in Asia"
Tabernacle Congregational Church
Salem, Massachusetts

Ordination of the First Missionaries from this Country "to the heathen in Asia",
Messrs, Judson, Newell, Hall, Nott and Rice

Illustration of Samuel Worcester, D.D., Pastor 1803-1821

Tuesday, February the Sixth
Eighteen Hundred Twelve

Tabernacle Congregational Church
Salem, Massachusetts

Photographs of the Exterior and the Interior of the Old Church (1777-1854)

Ecclesiastical Council for Ordination of Missionaries
(Churches -  Essex South Association and Corporate Members, A.B.C.F.M.)

Photographs of Mr. Maas; Mr. Lyman; Mr. Holmes; Mr. Leete and Mr. Harlow

William Rockwell Leete, Union Theological Seminary, N.Y.
Samuel Ralph Harlow, Union Theological Seminary, N. Y.
Jerome Crane Holmes, Hartford Theological Seminary, Connecticut
James Kerr Lyman, Oberlin Theological Seminary, Ohio
Charles Henry Maas, Chicago Theological Seminary, Illinois

10:00 A.M. - Salutation - The Pastor
Welcome to the City - Hon. Rufus D. Adams, Mayor
Organization of Council
Statements and Reports
Presentation of Religious and Theological Views By, and Examination of Candidates
Results of Council

12:00 M. - Adjournment

Photographs of Rev. Alvin C. Bacon, 1910-, Associate
Rev. DeWitt S. Clark, D. D., Pastor - 1879-
Rev. David S. Herrick, 1903-, Missionary Pastor, Madura, India

Photograph of the interior of the present Church, 1854

Services of Ordination

2:00 P.M.
Rev. Nehemiah Boynton, D.D., Brooklyn, Presiding

Report of Council - Scribe - Rev. William E. Strong, Boston

Hymn - "Park St." - (Bass-viol of 1812 leading.)

Scripture Lesson - Rev. Samuel A. Harlow, Grafton

Prayer of Invocation - Rev. William W. Leete, New Haven, Connecticut

Address - "The Situation and the Scene, one hundred years ago" - Rev. DeWitt S. Clark, D. D., Salem

Prayer of Ordination - President Albert Parker Fitch, D. D., Andover Theological Seminary.  Revs. William W. Leete, Samuel A. Harlow, Nehemiah Boynton, DeWitt S. Clark - assisting in Ceremony of Consecration

Response - "The Missionary Call" - A. B. C. F. M. Quartette, Revs. Brewer Eddy, Enoch F. Bell, H. Grant Person, Henry F. Smith

Services of Ordination

Right Hand of Fellowship - 

  • Rev George T. Herrick, D. D. (Constantinople) Speaking
Assisting in ceremony
  • Rev. James L. Towle (Turkey)
  • Rev. George M. Rowland, D. D. (Japan)
  • Rev. John X. Miller (India)
  • Rev. Edwin E. Allen (China)

Charge - Rev. James L. Barton, D. D., Foreign Secretary, A.B.C.F.M.

Greetings of the Board - President, Samuel B. Capen, L.L.D.

God-Speed of the Churches - Rev. Raymond Calkins, D. D., Portland, Maine

Hymn - "Missionary Chant"

5:00 P.M. - Adjournment

Services of Ordination

7:00 P.M.

Hallelujah Chorus - Handel's "Messiah", Salem Oratorio Society

Prayer - Rev. George A. Hall, Brookline, Grandson of Gordon Hall, First Missionary to India

Song - A.B.C.F.M. Quartette

Address - Rev. Newell Dwight Hillis, D.D., Brooklyn, New York

Presentation of the Missionaries - Rev. Brewer Eddy, Boston.  Brief Address by each.

Closing Exercises of Devotion - Led by Rev. Edward H. Byington, West Roxbury

Prayer - Rev. Alvin C. Bacon, Salem

Hymn, "Webb"


Illustration of Ship Caravan on Which Judson and Newell with Their Wives Sailed from Salem, Feb. 19, 1812

Illustration of Historic Settee

Arranged and Printed by Dix & Comer, Boston

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