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1856 Invoice from S. P. Bradbury Grave Stones, Bangor, Maine, to Caleb Hersey, Jr. of Pembroke, Maine

May 17, 1856 invoice from S. P. Bradbury & Co. Grave Stones, at Bangor, Maine, to Mr. Caleb Hersey, Jr., at Pembroke, Maine.

The invoice notes that the stone is for Mr. Hersey's daughter.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Caleb Hersey, Jr. was born 13 March 1799 at Dennysville, Maine, or at Passamaquoddy, Maine, son of Caleb and Lydia (Dunbar) Hersey, Hingham, Massachusetts, natives who had moved to Pembroke, Maine, in Washington County.  

Caleb Hersey, Jr. married Eliza DeForest on 21 December 1823 at Dennysville, Maine.  Eliza was born about 1807, the daughter of Henry and Sarah (Woodworth) DeForest of Nova Scotia.  Henry may have been born in Connecticut, or in Nova Scotia, of Loyalist immigrants from Connecticut.  Sarah Woodworth was born at Cornwallis, Nova Scotia.

Caleb and Eliza had at least five sons and two daughters:

  •  Eliza Ann Hersey, b: 15 May 1825 in Pembroke, Washington, Maine; died 1865
  •  Caleb Washington Hersey, b: 4 July 1827 in Dennysville, Washington, Maine
  •  Sarah Lydia Hersey, b: 8 July 1830 in Pembroke, Washington, Maine; died 8 Mar 1856
  •  Henry Jackson Hersey, b: abt 10 Dec 1833 in Pembroke, Washington, Maine
  •  Heman Nickerson Hersey, b: 12 Feb 1836 in Pembroke, Washington, Maine
  •  Charles Emerson Hersey, b: 12 Feb 1836 in Pembroke, Washington, Maine
  •  Darius DeForest Hersey, b: 23 Jan 1841 in Pembroke, Washington, Maine
If the above death date of 8 March 1856 for Sarah Lydia Hersey is correct, it would seem that the gravestone was intended for her.  Sadly, Sarah's mother had passed away the year before.

If you have any corrections or additional information regarding the Hersey or DeForest families, please leave a comment.

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