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1891 letter from Carrie S. Nash of Harrington, Maine to future husband Bartlett W. Brown of Milbridge, Maine

July 16, 1891 letter from Carrie S. Nash of Harrington, Maine, to her future husband, Bartlett W. Brown of Milbridge, Maine.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Carrie S. Nash was born in February of 1868 at Harrington, Maine, the daughter of Frederick Leighton Nash and Sarah Elizabeth (Ray) Nash.  

Bartlett W. Brown was born about August 1860 at Milbridge, Maine, the son of Franklin and Angelia (Wallace) Brown.

Carrie and Bartlett married at Harrington, Maine, on 14 December 1892.   They raised at least one son, Frank, at Milbridge, where Bartlett worked in real estate.

Transcript of letter:

Harrington, Me.
                     July 6, 1891

Dearest Bartlett,

Yours received this morning was very sorry to hear of the death of Lottie’s baby.  I wrote her a note to-day, had I known I would have liked to have gone to the funeral.

Things here are about the same nothing happens Monday only getting the men ready to go fishing.  Tuesday they went and Mrs. Heall came to wash and iron Tuesday and Wednesday.  I went up town Tuesday forenoon but the rest of the day felt bum.  Wednesday afternoon we got a team and Lizzie, Jennie, Rutie and I went on a ride up through the Webb Dist. up round the plains and through Columbia.  We had a very pleasant drive.  The blueberries were terrible thick and I got out and picked some.

They returned home last night with only one fish and father caught that, but I guess they had a pretty good time.

I think you are getting quite giddy going to the theater so much but just the same wish I had been there too.

Sorry to hear your health is not very good wish you might feel to take a vacation and get rested.

How long is Jessie going to stay at home I would like to see her tell her to call over.

Frank McRoy said he saw you yesterday in Cherryfield and Milbridge.  He also told me you folks were all getting worked up over there about that Mr. Starr.  Are you one of them?  I hope not.  I think you have got to much sense.

Lizzie and ___ are going to Riply to-morrow if it is pleasant, and Jennie and Frank are going to the dance.  Lizzie and Gers  were going to Cherryfield  after a shave but he could not get a team.  Father has heard of a girl and he is going after her this afternoon that is to see if he can get her but I don’t expect any such good luck as to get her.

When are you coming over if not before shall see you Sunday.

Well, my dear, this is quite a letter for a note and me with so much work to do but then dear you ought to have a little of it had you not (my time, I mean).  Remember me to Frances.  

P.S.  Mother, Father and Aunt Jane have decided to go to Riply tomorrow and have invited me to go with them.  But I thought perhaps you would like to go if you would come over before dinner or very soon after.  Don’t discommode yourself too much but we should be delighted of your company and, if convenient, you had better come.
                    Your Carrie

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