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1909 Postcard of Hay Stacks at Robert B. Fisher Farm, Cambridge, New York

Postcard mailed in February 1909 showing the beneficial effects of Hubbard's Fertilizers of Middletown, Connecticut, on the grass crop at the Robert B. Fisher farm at Cambridge, New York.

I found a Robert Blair Fischer living at White Creek, New York, near Cambridge, in the 1900 Census.  He was born about December 1872 in New Jersey, son of David Wesley Fisher and wife Eliza.

Robert Blair Fisher married Ethel Louisa Fisher on 12 December 1894 at Bristol, New York.  She was born 12 December 1873 at Bristol, New York, daughter of Harlan Morton Fisher and Helen Louise (Phillips) Fisher.  It's possible Robert and Ethel were related, but not as close as first cousins, which is as far as I checked.

Robert and Ethel operated a farm at White Creek and raised at least four children, three of whom were sons.
  1. Robert W. Fisher, born about March 1896 in New York
  2. Dorothy L. Fisher, born about 1899 in New York
  3. Philip Blair Fisher, born about 1904 in New York
  4. John H. Fisher, born about 1910 in New York
For the boy shown on the postcard to be a son of Robert Blair Fisher, the only plausible prospect was Robert W. Fisher, born about March 1896.  Alternatively, the boy could have been a farm hand or farm hand's son.

The postcard was addressed to a Charles H. Walker at Wiscasset, Maine.  I believe he would have been Charles Harrison Walker, born about October 1839 at Woolwich, Maine, son of John and Jane (Potter) Walker.  He died 13 May 1917, about 8 years after receipt of the postcard.

If you have any corrections or insights regarding the Fisher or Walker families, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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