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1890s-1910s Autograph Album of Bean Daughter of Denmark, Maine

Metal covered red velvet autograph album that belonged to either Maude Annie Bean or Mildred M. Bean of Denmark, Maine, based on a clue provided by the page signed in 1894 by Jennie S. (Bean) Bosworth, who indicated she was a loving sister.

Jennie's husband, E. W. Bosworth, Ezra Wright Bosworth of Lyndonville, Vermont, also signed a page in 1894.  

If the album belonged to Mildred, who died in 1894, it was taken over by someone else after her death, as there are autographs as late as 1914.  

The sisters's father George R. Bean was born at Hollis, Maine, in 1834.  His wife Sarah M. (Jordan) Bean was born at Portland, Maine, in 1836.  

Other Beans signed the album.

Carrie J. Bean of Lyndonville, Vermont, signed a page in 1894:

Twins Gladys E. Bean and Phyllis A. Bean of Denmark, Maine, signed pages in 1912.  Their father, Fred Roy Bean, was a brother to Jennie, Maude Annie and Mildred Bean, the sisters mentioned above.  The twin's mother died during their childbirth on 12 March 1902, and their father Fred died a couple years later. They were raised by Maud Annie (Bean) Witham.

Eva Colby of Denmark, Maine, signed a page in 1894:

Carrie E. Phillips of Lyndonville, Vermont, signed a page in 1894:

Ellen E. Pierce of Lyndonville, Vermont, signed a page in 1894:

Florence A. Warren of Cornish, Maine, signed a page in 1894:

Mildred F. Blake of East Lynn, Massachusetts, signed a page in 1911:

Harrie L. Jordan didn't date or place his/her page:


If you have any corrections or insights regarding any of the information or people mentioned here, please leave a comment or contact me directly. 

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