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1879/1880s Autograph Album of Hattie S. Barron of Topsham, Maine

Autograph album of Hattie S. Barron of Topsham, Maine.

See also a post featuring the album of Hattie's sister, Bessie M. Barron.

There's no presentation or ownership page, but Hattie S. Barron's identity can be teased out from clues such as a page dedicated to a "Hattie" and another page signed by sister Bessie M. Barron of Topsham, Maine.  Additionally, two pages are signed by cousins, Edward Albert Scribner and Fred, both of Topsham.

The album is approximately 7-3/4" x 5" and contains 39 pages signed by relatives and friends, many of them members of the Class of 1880 at Topsham High School.

Hattie S. Barron was born 18 June 1862 at Topsham, Maine, the daughter of William and Mary Noyes (Hall) Barron.

Hattie's paternal grandparents were William and Betsey (Knight) Barron.  Her maternal grandparents were William Neal Hall and wife Harriet C. (Noyes) Hall.

Hattie's sister, Bessie M. Barron of Topsham, Maine, signed a page in either 1880 or 1885:

Hattie's maternal cousins Edwin A. Scribner and his sister Octavia McKeen Scribner, both of Topsham, Maine, signed pages in 1879:

Hattie's cousin Fred of Topsham, or at Topsham, signed a page in 1880:

Hattie's cousin Frank H. Byrne of Boston, Massachusetts signed a page in 1891:

Other people named Barron signed pages.   Carrie Barron of Topsham, Maine, signed a page in 1879:

Frank Barron of Topsham, Maine, signed a page in 1879:

James Barron of Topsham, Maine, or at Topsham, Maine, signed a page in 1880:

John Barron of Topsham, Maine, signed a page in 1879:

Mattie Barron of Topsham, Maine, signed a page in 1879:

Other possible relatives or in-laws, include the following.

Alice H. Hall of Topsham, Maine, signed a page in 1879:

Annie C. Hall of Topsham, Maine, signed a page in 1879:

Fred E. Hall of Topsham, Maine, signed a page in 1880:

If you have any corrections to the information provided above or insights regarding the Barron family or the other album signers listed below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Surnames in the album
Baldwin     [3]
Barron      [6]
Hall        [3]
Scribner      [2]
Soule          [2]

List of signers    [Note: Given names within a specific surname may not be in alphabetical order.]


  • Fred, Topsham, Maine, 1880, cousin
  • Nettie Alexander, Topsham, Maine, 1880
  • Frank Baldwin, Topsham, Maine, 1880
  • Lucy Baldwin, Topsham, Maine, 1880
  • Nellie F. Baldwin, Topsham, Maine, 1880
  • Carrie Barron, Topsham, Maine, 1879
  • Frank Barron, Topsham, Maine, 1879
  • John Barron, Topsham, Maine, 1879
  • James Barron, Topsham, Maine, 1880
  • Mattie Barron, Topsham, Maine, 1879
  • Bessie M. Barron, Topsham, Maine, 1880 or 1885, sister
  • Abbie Blondel
  • Frank H. Byrne, Boston, Massachusetts, 1891
  • Kate M. Cox, Topsham, Maine, 1880
  • Miss Grace Dearing, Biddeford, Maine, 1882
  • Affie M. Drinkwater, Topsham, Maine, 1880
  • A. M. Edwards, 1880
  • Olive L. Goodwin, Topsham, Maine, 1879
  • Fred E. Hall, Topsham, Maine, 1880
  • Annie C. Hall, Topsham, Maine, 1879
  • Alice H. Hall, Topsham, Maine, 1879
  • W. A. Hill of Topsham, Maine, 1880; first initial could be something else 
  • Clare P. Hussey, Fernandina, Florida, 1879
  • Bertha S. Mallett, Topsham, Maine, 1880
  • Louise H. Merrill, 1879
  • Medie Newell, Topsham, Maine, Class of 1880
  • Walter O. Parker, Topsham, Maine, 1880
  • Alice Patten, Topsham High School, '80, 1879
  • Edward H. Phinney, Topsham, Maine, 1880
  • Purington, Brunswick, Maine; can't decipher initials 
  • Mary W. Sandford, Topsham, Maine, 1879
  • William E. Sargent, Topsham, Maine, 1879
  • Edwin A. Scribner, 1879, cousin
  • Octavia M. Scribner, Topsham, Maine, 1879, cousin
  • Gertrude Soule, Bath, Maine, 1883
  • Bertha Louise Soule, Bath, Maine, 1883
  • John R. Stanwood, Topsham, Maine, 1879
  • Samuel T. White, Topsham, Maine, 1880, Class of '80
  • Belle P. Whitehouse, Topsham, Maine, 1879

Back cover and spine:

Topsham, Maine

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  1. Pam, here I STILL owe you an email and must confess to having done some wonky google searches on William Neal Hall last night.
    Would you believe one of those searches brought me to this page, where, voila!, you have an authentic artifact from her granddaughter! This is crazy! I can't thank you enough for all you do on this and other sites for all-things Maine genealogy in general. Harriet was my paternal 4th g-grandfather's sister. She had a twin, Mary. I look forward to reading these pages in greater detail. https://noyesgenealogy.net/getperson.php?personID=I6269&tree=noyes

  2. Glad you happened by! Autograph albums, especially from Maine, New England, and the Maritime provinces, are my favorite gems.