Friday, April 20, 2012

1909 Card from the Bartlett Family Reunion at East Windsor, Connecticut

Card Memento, approximately 6-1/4" x 3-1/2", from the July 5, 1909 reunion of the Bartlett Family at East Windsor, Connecticut. The card is blank on the reverse, except for contemporary pricing in pencil.

The card details lineage starting with Robert Bartlett, through Samuel Bartlett, through Samuel Bartlett, through Captain Jonathan Bartlett.
  • Robert Bartlett, born in England; in Cambridge in 1632; in Hartford in 1639; in Northampton in 1656; killed in 1676.
  • Samuel Bartlett, born at Cambridge; died at Northampton in 1711
  • Samuel Bartlett, born at Northampton in 1677; in Bolton in 1725; died in 1746
  • Captain Jonathan Bartlett, born at Northampton in 1716; in Bolton in 1725; in East Windsor in 1737; died in 1799.
The card shows the Bartlett Code of Arms and a Motto: They Have Done; Let Us Do

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