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1907 Photo of Harold Dennis Hanna of East Sullivan, Maine; inscribed to his future wife Leona Blanche Orcutt

Bittersweet photograph of Harold D. Hanna of East Sullivan, Maine, dated 22 December 1907.  

"Sweet" because it was inscribed to his future wife, Leona Blanche Orcutt.  "Bitter" because Harold died at age 31 of lobar pneumonia as a result of influenza in 1918, possibly a case of Spanish Flu.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Harold Dennis Hanna was born 3 July 1887 at Sullivan, Maine, son of William Robertson Hanna and wife Maria (Sargent) Hanna, Sullivan, Maine natives.

His paternal grandparents were Gibson L. and Betsey (Ash) Hanna.  His maternal grandparents were Dudley and Sarah J. (Hammond) Sargent.

On 23 January 1909 at North Sullivan, Maine, Harold married Leona Blanche Orcutt, to whom he inscribed the photograph above.  She was born 27 December 1892 at Sullivan, Maine, daughter of Frederick Leaman Orcutt and wife Adelaide Villa (Noyes) Orcutt, born in Franklin, Maine, and Cutler, Maine, respectively.

Her paternal grandparents were Leaman S. and Hannah V. (Billings) Orcutt.  Her maternal grandparents were Edward and Mary Augusta (Wood) Noyes.

Harold Dennis Hanna died on 9 October 1918 at East Sullivan, Maine.  In 1926, his widow Leona married George A. Robertson, a native of Scotland.

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