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1909 Photograph of Margaret and Aunt Harriet; Perth, New Brunswick studio

[Note: I'm very grateful for the extensive research done by Thomas, who suggests the women may be sisters Margaret Roberts and Harriet Roberts, daughters of Charles and Jane (Cyr) Roberts of Perth, New Brunswick.  See Thomas' reasoning below, in italics.]

August 27, 1909 photograph of two women identified as Margaret and Aunt Harriett; the photograph was taken by the studio of Campbell and Son of Perth, New Brunswick, Canada.

There's a notation in pencil that reads "With Maggie's love".   Someone apparently added the identification in pen at a later date.

Below, Thomas presents a plausible scenario:

These are possibly Harriet and Margaret Roberts. My reasoning is that, in the photo, one woman appears to be about age 30, the other is younger, perhaps 5-10 years. So I looked in the 1891 census of Victoria Co., NB for a Harriet b. ca. 1879. Harriet Roberts (ca. 1877) was one in Perth Parish, and she had a sister, Margaret (ca. 1888); or about 10 years younger. 

They were children of Charles (ca. 1843) and Jane (ca. 1853) Roberts. Charles was born in New Brunswick but his parents were from Quebec, and he was Roman Catholic. This makes me think the surname is the French, Robert, not Roberts. Jane was born in New Brunswick, as were her parents. Other children were Lucy A. (19), Emily (10), Harry (8), William (6), Elisabeth (5), Charles (4) and Theresa (1)

In Perth Parish in 1901 they are still Roberts, so my theory about their surname may be incorrect. Harriet L. Roberts was born 8 Apr 1877, and Maggie A. Roberts was born 25 May 1888.

Charles and Jane Roberts are still in Perth Parish in 1911, but neither Harriet nor Maggie are with them. Maggie's birth record exists, but fails to state her given names. She was born Perth 27 May 1888 (which is pretty good agreement with the 1901 census, considering) and her parents were Charles and Jane (Cyr) Roberts. So, at least Jane is Acadian. A second birth record gives Maggie as Margaret Edith Roberts. Margaret (Margarette) married in Victoria County, New Brunswick, 9 Jun 1909 to James D. McLaughlin.

Charles and Jane Roberts died in 1912 and 1913. Their death records suggest both were born in Madawaska Co.

Thank you, Thomas!  If readers have alternative suggestions as to the identities of Margaret and Aunt Harriet, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!   

Perth-Andover is a town near the border with Aroostook County, Maine.  Families have moved back and forth over the border through the generations.

Perth, New Brunswick: zoom out to see the Maine border to the west

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