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1880s-1910s Autograph Album of Annie M. Soule and daughter Gertrude L. Strout of Exeter, Maine

Autograph album that spanned two generations, first used by Annie M. Soule and later by her daughter Gertrude L. Strout, both of Exeter, Maine.

The album is approximately 7" x 4-1/4" and contains 37 autographs and seven color illustrations, some of which have detached.

Annie M. Soule was born 23 May 1866 at Etna, Maine, the daughter of William A. and Sarah J. (Call) Soule.  In 1895 Annie married Isaiah N. Strout, who was born 22 May 1844 at Bradford, Maine, son of Elisha Strout, Jr. and wife Margaret A. (Dudley) Strout.

Annie's mother, Sarah J. (Call) Soule signed a page for her in 1910:

Annie and Isaiah had at least two daughters, Gertrude, born 2 October 1896, and Jessie, born 2 July 1898, both in Exeter, Maine.

Some of the earlier autographs in the album:

Lester S. French, 1889

Rachel E. Stephenson of Bangor, Maine, 1889:

Ralph W. Pendexter of Lewiston, Maine, 1891:

Balfour Caine at Etna, Maine, 1892:

Walter Lawrence, who refers to the hours spent at Etna, Maine, 1892:

Annie's daughter Jessie Strout inscribed a page to her sister Gertrude in 1916, while Jessie was a student at Exeter High School.  Gertrude had likely graduated by then.

Many of the pages in the album are inscribed to Gertrude while she was a student at Exeter High School.

Effie B. Ames, Exeter, Maine, 1912:

Mildred Cleveland at Exeter High School, 1911:

Hazel B. Colbath at Exeter High School, 1910

Benjamin Eaton, Exeter High School, 1911:

Complete list of signers, in alphabetical order.  Please note that any towns listed might be places where the page was signed rather than the signer's residence.

Effie B. Ames of Exeter, Maine, 1912; inscribed to Gertrude
Bertha Bragg; 1910; inscribed to Gertrude
Lester L. Buswell of Exeter, Maine
Erma E. Buswell, EHS, 1911
Jerrauld W. Butters of Exeter Maine
Balfour Caine of Etna, Maine, 1892
Waldo R. Caverly
Mildred Cleveland, EHS, 1911; middle initial possibly I or S; inscribed to Gertrude
Hazel B. Colbath of Dexter, Maine, EHS, 1910; inscribed to Gertrude
Christine M. Dorr, EHS; inscribed to Gertrude
Mona Dowling, EHS, '13; inscribed to Gertrude
Frances Eaton; inscribed to Gertrude
H. Atwood Eaton, EHS, 1911; inscribed to Gertrude
Benjamin Eaton of Exeter, Maine, EHS, 1911
Nellie M. Elder, Exeter HS, Exeter, Maine, 1911; inscribed to Gertrude
Lester S. French, 1889
Mace S. Grinnell of Exeter, Maine, EHS, 1911, inscribed to Gertrude
Lilias Grinnell; inscribed to Gertrude
Ruby V. Hamm, EHS, 1912; inscribed to Gertrude
Miss Cora J. Hersey of South Exeter, Maine, 1892
Annie Hubbard of East Exeter, Maine, 1893; inscribed to Annie
Walter Lawrence, 1892; of Etna, Maine, or spent time there
Doris A. Leathers, EHS, 1911; inscribed to Gertrude
James W. Linnell of Exeter, Maine, 1892; inscribed to Annie
Marjorie Peabody, EHS, 1911; inscribed to Gertrude
Miss Lillian T. Pease of Boston, Massachusetts; 1891
Ralph W. Pendexter of Lewiston, Maine, 1891
Lora M. Redman, EHS, Exeter, Maine, 1911; inscribed to Gertrude
Harold A. Russell
Hazel M. Sawtelle, EHS, 1910; inscribed to Gertrude
Alice M. Skinner of Corinna, Maine, EHS, '16
Sarah Soule, your mother, 1910 (mother of Annie; grandmother of Gertrude)
Rachel E. Stephenson of Bangor, Maine, 1891
Jessie, EHS, 1916, Gertrude's sister
Margaret A. Tibbetts, EHS, 1911; inscribed to Gertrude
Leon Towle, Exeter High School; inscribed to Gertrude
Guy E. Turner of Exeter, Maine, EHS, 1911; inscribed to Gertrude

The seven illustrations:

Back cover and spine:

If you have corrections to the information that has been presented here or if you have insights on any of the signers in the album, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. Jessie Strout was my great-grandmother. She passed away when I was an infant. Her daughter Lillian Batchelder Hicks, passed away on Thanksgiving day. 11-24-16 at the age of 91.