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Vintage Handwritten Record of Samson Battey & Descendants of Rhode Island

Large handwritten record starting with Samson Battey, who married ? Havens in 1685, to his son John Battey, who married Margaret Carr and settled at Warwick, Rhode Island, to their son Caleb, who married Barbara, to their daughter Phebe, who married Nicholas Congdon, to their daughter Dorcas who married Thomas Harkness.

The record is written in sepia ink on lined paper that is approx. 15-1/2" x 12-1/2" when flat, but it's been stored folded twice, and tears are starting at the folds.  

Perhaps someone has an idea of when this was written, taking into consideration when lined paper of this size would have been available, and when this type of ink felt out of favor.  The last time entry on the document is the death of Caleb Battey's daughter Dinah, on 12 February 1834.

There's nothing on the reverse except a child's doodle in pencil at one edge.  There may have been additional sheets at one time, but this is all I have.


Samson Batty [His descendants have the spelling of Sampson]
____ Havens 1685
Had two sons and two daughters, Phebe & Dinah

*John, b. 1688 Sept 7, married Margaret Carr 1707 Sep 16; settled in Warwick, R.I., d 1767
William, b. 1693 Mar 6; married Jane; d. 1749

*John Batty
Margaret Carr
daughter of Nicholas Carr Sep 16, 1707
had five sons and four daughters

Sampson, born Dec 18, 1709

Nicholas, born May 28, 1711
Dinah, born Oct 12, 1713
Rebecca, born Sept 26, 1715
William, born Jan 20, 1717 or 1718; died Nov 15
John, b. Mar 13, 1719 or 1720
Margaret, born Dec 13, 1722
Phebe, born Feb 20, 1725
*Caleb, born Jan 22, 1729; died Feb 14, 1790

*Caleb Battey 
married Barbara
had eight children
two sons and six daughters

Margaret, born Oct 6, 1753; married Amos Turner
Benjamin, born July 21, 1755; married Penelope Congdon
Dinah, born May 8, 1757; unmarried; died Feb 12, 1834
Sampson, born June 25, 1759; married Amey West Battey
Amey, born May 8, 1763; married David Anthony
Barbara, born Oct 17, 1765; unmarried
Dorcas, born Feb 14, 1768; married David Anthony
*Phebe, born Mar 2, 1772; married Nicholas Congdon

*Phebe Battey
Nicholas Congdon
April 18, 1793
had one son and six daughters

Barbara, born April 5, 1794
Caleb, born Oct 27, 1795
Amey, born Nov 21, 1797
Mary Ann, born June 11, 1804
Phebe, born May 27, 1806
*Dorcas, born June 26, 1808
Eliza, born Jan 1, 1810

*Dorcas Congdon
Thomas Harkness
Aug 30, 1824
had three sons 
and two daughters

I'm guessing that this document was produced by or for a descendant of Thomas and Dorcas (Congdon) Harkness.  Dorcas (Congdon) Harkness died at Cranston, Rhode Island in 1876.  Her husband Thomas Harkness died at Providence in 1893.  

If you have any insights into this document, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  

As in any document, especially one produced so long after some of the events recorded in it, this record may contain inadvertent  mistakes.  But I'm hoping it will prove invaluable to family researchers.

A map of Rhode Island:

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