Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Real Photo PC showing Newlyweds, IDed, possibly Romanian

[Update of 27 February 2013: A Romanian translator provided the much appreciated information in bold below.]

Real Photo Postcard showing a newlywed couple identified on reverse as Marie and Victor, with what appears to be a marriage date of 30 April 1933.  

The postcard's intended recipient is T. or J. Stoenescu, R. Sarat, which is possibly Ramnicu Sarat in Buzau County, Romania.  There's no stamp, marking or other evidence that the card was mailed.

The language may be Romanian, and the photograph may have been taken either in Europe or in North America.    I'm leaning toward the former, as the groom is uniformed.

From the translator:  The card is addressed to the family of Mr. T. Stoenescu.
Marie and Victor simply say: With all our love.
The date seems to be followed by the name of the Romanian town Târgu Jiu.

If you have any insights into the identities of this couple or the card's recipient, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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