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1915/1916 Card showing Teacher, Students, School Directors of the Flat School, Cambridge, Maine

Card, approximately 6" by 3-1/2", showing the teacher, trustees and students of the Flat School at Cambridge, Maine, for the school year April 26, 1915 to January 28, 1916.

The teacher was Carrie M. Holt.  See another post that features a photograph of Carrie May Holt in a buckboard with her future husband Walter Glenwood Ring.

Carrie married Walter on 18 March 1916, not long after the end of the term indicated on this card. The earlier post contains some other items relating to Cambridge and Dexter, Maine.

School Director C. Sumner Ham was Charles Sumner Ham, born 6 December 1871 at Cambridge, Maine, the son of Charles and Harriet Maria (Kittredge) Ham.  On 24 June 1896, Charles Sumner Ham married Alta Ethel Morrill, daughter of Floriman and Mary S. (Leavitt) Morrill. Charles Sumner Ham was a farmer; he died in 1953.

School Director Carrol F. Bailey was Carrol Francis Bailey, born 14 March 1883 at Cambridge, Maine, the son of Charles O. Davis Bailey and wife Ada Ann (Whitney) Bailey.  Carrol Francis Bailey married twice:
  1. 8 November 1905:  Etta Frances Ball, born at Deer Isle, Maine, daughter of Isaac and Susie (Weed) Ball, with whom he had a son, Charles Carrol Bailey, mentioned below as one of the students
  2. 17 December 1910:  Edna M. Lowell, born at Cambridge, Maine, daughter of John A. and Flora J. (Wilder) Lowell, with whom he had another son. Carrol Francis Bailey farmed in Cambridge. He died at Hartland, Maine in 1960.
School Director Tom W. Folsom was Thomas William Folsom, born 18 October 1883 at Cambridge, Maine, the son of William Ardell Folsom and wife Teresa Florence (Chadbourne) Folsom.  On 22 October 1904 at Cambridge, Maine, Thomas William Folsom married Bessie Edna Sawyer, who was born 31 March 1886 at Cambridge, Maine, the daughter of Samuel and Nancy Ann (Watson) Sawyer of Cambridge and Parkman, Maine. The couple farmed at Cambridge, Maine, and raised a family of at least four children. Thomas William Folsom died at Hartland, Maine in 1969.

School Superintendent F. Elwin Folsom was Frank Elwin Folsom, cousin to Thomas William Folsom above. He was born 13 November 1891 at Cambridge, Maine, the son of George Elmer Folsom and wife Marcia L. (Ham) Folsom.  On 24 December 1921 at Harmony, Maine, Frank Elwin Folsom married Pearl Marie Magoon, who was born 6 January 1892 at Harmony, Maine, the daughter of Gorham D. and Lois N. (Poland) Magoon. The couple farmed at Cambridge, Maine, and had at least three children by the time of the 1930 Census. Frank Elwin Folsom died in 1975 at Cambridge, Maine.


Charles C. Bailey was Charles Carrol Bailey, son of School Director Carrol Francis Bailey, mentioned above. He was born 10 December 1806 at Deer Isle, Maine, the son of Carrol Francis Bailey and first wife Etta Frances (Ball) Bailey.  On 19 January 1929, Charles Carrol Bailey married Erma D. Bowdoin, born 23 November 1905 at Waterville, Maine, the daughter of George Stilman Bowdoin and wife Edith Mabel (Richardson) Bowdoin. In the 1930 Census of Cambridge, Maine, Charles was listed as working on a farm. The couple had no children. I believe Charles Carrol Bailey died at Torrington, Connecticut in 1988.

Dwight B. Ham was born about 24 April 1903 in Maine, the son of Frank C. and Marcia Leola (Bailey) Ham.  Dwight married Elena B. Littlefield of Guilford, Maine, on 28 August 1926. She was born about 1900, the daughter of Sewell and Isabel (Smith) Littlefield. In the 1930 Census, the couple was living at Guilford, Maine. Dwight was working as a teamster at a lumber mill. There were no children listed with them. Dwight died in 1964 in New Hampshire.

Raymond A. Libby. I wasn't able to find out a Raymond A. Libby in Cambridge, Maine, though I did find a Libby family living there. Perhaps a reader has information about him and will leave a comment.

Clarence L. Libby. Again, I wasn't able to find out much about him, though it's possible he was the son of Leo and Gertrude Libby, who were all living at Foxcroft, Maine, in the 1920 Census. A Clarence L. Libby of Skowhegan married Della L. Witham of Oakland, Maine, on 3 July 1929.

The three Stuart siblings: Lizzie R. Stuart, Elwood A. Stuart and Hazel A. Stuart. Their parents were Harry Burton Stuart and wife Cora A. (Crockett) Stuart.

Elizabeth Ruth Stuart was born 3 February 1900 at Cambridge, Maine. On 14 June 1922 at Corinna, Maine, Elizabeth married Nelson Freeman Gilman. On 10 November 1941 at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, she married Homer Cooley. Elizabeth died in 1994 at Norridgewock, Maine.

Elwood Alden Stuart was born 28 June 1902 at Cambridge, Maine. On 14 September 1929 at Cambridge, he married Verna Mae Bean, who was born 22 June 1914 at Cambridge, Maine, the daughter of Ray Earl Bean and wife Maggie May (Thurston) Bean. The couple was living at Cambridge, Maine, at the time of the 1930 Census. Elwood was a mechanic at an auto repair shop. There were no children living with them at that time, but it was early in their marriage. Elwood died in 1969 at Hartland, Maine.

Hazel Audrey Stuart was born 3 September 1903 at Cambridge, Maine. On 30 January 1926 at Cambridge, she married Ivan Bertel Foss, who was born 20 August 1897 at Abbot, Maine, the son of George W. and Rose E. (Hilton) Foss. Hazel and Ivan had a daughter, born in 1927. Sadly, Hazel died in 1931 at Parkman, Maine.

Clyde L. Watson was born about 8 February 1906 in Maine, the son of Samuel E. and Crissie E. (Hooper) Watson.  On 31 October 1931, Clyde married Edna M. Chapman, who was born about 1913 in Maine, the daughter of Byron M. and Blanche E. (Morrill) Chapman. Clyde died at Cambridge, Maine, in 1961.

Madalene E. Whittemore, possibly Madalene Bernice Whittemore, was born 20 October 1905 at Harmony, Maine, the daughter of Coney Elnathan Packard and Berle Whittemore.  Madalene's mother Berle married twice after Madalene was born, and she can be found in the Censuses listed under the surname of her stepfather of the time. On 15 August 1921 at Auburn, Maine, Madalene married Charles A. Deering, who was born about 1905, the son of Grover and Alma Inez (Chase) Deering. I lost track of them after that date.

If you have corrections and/or information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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  1. Alfred George Philbrick (Sonny)June 20, 2017 at 5:35 AM

    Elwood Stewart owned Stewarts garage in Hartland for many years. My Dad Roscoe C. Philbrick worked for him for quite a while. Elwood and Verna were very nice folks, we used to stop in at their home when I was young. They also had two beautiful boxers that were friendly.

  2. Does anyone know what years the school was open?