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1885 Photograph of Edwin Eliphalet Jackson Jr. while at Amherst College

Photograph of a young man identified on reverse as E. E. Jackson, Jr. of Binghamton, New York.  The photograph was taken by the J. Notman Studio of Boston, Massachusetts.  

From online research, I found E. E. Jackson, Jr. to be Edwin Eliphalet Jackson, Jr., who became a noted lawyer in New York City.

The photograph was found with photographs and papers of Amherst Class of 1889 graduate, Charles Wendell Porter.  There are several photographs of other Amherst Class of 1889 graduates and some of young women, at least one of which notes that the subject was a Smith freshman, but most are unidentified. 

From the markings on the back of the photograph, and from Edwin's youthful face, I'm assuming this photograph was taken in 1885 when he was a freshman.

Edwin Eliphalet Jackson, Jr., was born 31 October 1866 at Binghamton, New York, the son of Edwin Eliphalet Jackson and wife Nancy Louise Mather.  His paternal grandparents were Rensselaer and Lydia M. (Coman) Jackson.  His maternal grandparents were Richard and Caroline (Whiting) Mather.

After graduating from Amherst College in 1889, Edwin went on to Columbia Law School and from there to employment in New York City.

On 25 January 1893, he married Caroline Mather Boorum, daughter of William Burger Boorum and wife Amelia Ogden (Whiting) Boorum.  I don't believe they had any children.

His parents faced much tragedy.  Of their five children, three died young.  Edwin's younger brother Ernest Smith Jackson, who also graduated from Amherst College and became a New York City lawyer, died of pneumonia at the age of twenty-eight in 1899.

Edwin's Amherst and Columbia classmate Charles Wendell Porter also died in 1899, from the accidental discharge of his gun.

Edwin Eliphalet Jackson, Jr., had a noteworthy, and occasionally controversial, career, as his obituary in the New York Times indicates.  He died at the age of fifty-two on May 26, 1919.   

This obituary was in the American Stationer and Office Outfitter: 

Finally, an interesting case in which it appears Edwin was looking out for the interests of his brother-in-law's children:

A map of Amherst, Massachusetts:

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