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August 1901 Entries in the Diary of James Moore, Lakewood District of Ellsworth, Maine

Diary of James Moore of the Lakewood area of Ellsworth, Maine. He kept his diary very intermittently until 1901 when he became more conscientious about keeping it up. If you look closely at the above image of the front cover, you will see his name, twice.
This post contains the entries James Moore made for August 1901.   

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From online research, hopefully correct:

James Moore was born 30 May 1837 in Maine, the son of Gary Townsend Moore and wife Miriam (Garland) Moore. His paternal grandparents were John, Jr. and Polly (Townsend) Moore. His maternal grandparents were Josiah and Sarah "Sally" (Swett) Garland.
On 21 August 1858 he married Laura Ann Garland, who was born 5 February 1838, at Ellsworth, Maine, the daughter of Leonard Jarvis Garland and wife Azuba A. "Zuby" (Moore) Garland. Her paternal grandparents were Josiah and Sarah "Sally" (Swett) Garland. Her maternal grandparents were Edward and Elizabeth B. "Betsey" (Maddocks) Moore.
James and Laura A. (Garland) Moore had four children that I could find, perhaps more. They and their children were:
  • John R. Moore, born 29 May 1959; m. Lois Anna Boynton; children: Lettie B. Moore; Howard G. Moore; Cecil E. Moore; Wesley Moore; Philip Moore
  • Winfield Scott Moore, born 12 May 1862; m. Vesta Estella Garland; children: Nora Nettie Moore; Gary Townsend Moore
  • Ellen Elvira Moore, born 11 March 1866; m. Francis Jeremiah Boynton; children: Leon; Lillian; Minnie; Laura; Rosamund
  • Lorenda Ann Moore, born 23 September 1872; m. George Whitmore "Whit" Garland; children: Ambrose Winfield Garland; Viola May Garland; Mansell Rowe Garland; Delmar Alton Garland; Fannie Irene Garland; Mercy Beryl Garland; David Philander Garland; Betsey Garland

James Moore died 27 March 1903, an event that a reader of the diary knows, sadly, is coming. His wife Laura Ann (Garland) Moore died 22 May 1921.
The diary described above was found with four other diaries that were kept by James' daughter-in-law Vesta Estella (Garland) Moore.
For more information on the Moore and Garland families, see the page for James and Laura A. (Garland) Moore at the Maine and Maritime Canada Genealogy network.
If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information provided here, please leave a comment or contact me directly. Thanks!

Transcript of the August 1901 section of the diary:

August 2.  Finished haying to home today.  Got 22 loads of hay and Scott bought 3 tons of grass of Leonard Garland.  Laura and Vesta Moore went up to Leorenda Garland this afternoon.  George Garland and Whit Garland has commenced cutting Alfred Garland’s grass on the Jo Garland place, so called.
Ellsworth, Aug. 4, 1901.  Sunday.  Been down to the Chapel to Alder Garland meeting this forenoon.  Went down to Uncle Charles Garland’s sand beach to see John Valentine and his wife and baby and his uncle.  They are from Boston.  Tenting out.  
5.  Sowed some English turnips.  Letty Moore was taken sick tonight.
Aug. 6.  I helped Scott put up a stack of hay on Alfonso Frazier ‘s meadow.  Leorenda A. Garland and children and Nora Moore went on Ridge Heath after blueberries.  Letty Moore had Dr. Phillips tonight.
Aug. 7.  I helped Scott put up a stack of hay this forenoon.  I went down to John Tourtellotte’s this afternoon and got Nora Moore.  She has been down to see the girls.  It rains hard at six o’clock tonight.
Doctor Phillips was up to see Letty Moore again this afternoon.  John R. Moore had to meet him at Brimmer Bridge.  They are repairing the bridge.  Howard Moore came up here tonight after some hops for Letty Moore and John Moore came up after him.  The doctor says that Letty Moore has got the appendicitis.
Aug. 9.  Scott Moore and I put up two stacks of hay.
Aug. 10.  Scott Moore got him a pair of hind wheels for the team wagon.  $13.00.  Scott and James Garland hired a horse to Brimmer Bridge to go down town.  Teams can cross the bridge tonight.
Letty Moore is better today.
Aug. 11.  Laura Moore and I have been up to Mariaville to meeting.  James Garland and Ada and Aunt Ede Charles has been up there, too.
Aug. 14. Frederick Frazier and wife and daughter and granddaughter has been up to our house today.  
Aug. 15. Scott Moore and I been on the meadow [?] of hay, hauling up in Alfonso Frazier’s field.
John Valentine took his gun to go a hunting from the sand beach where he was rusticating and got lost and laid out all night.
Saturday, August 17.  William W. Graves  and Joan graves his wife come over from Brewer; Frederick Frazier took his horse and fetched them up to our house and then Fred pitched a load of meadow hay for us.  That finished our meadow haying.
Aug. 18.  William Graves and I went to meeting.
Aug. 19.  Scott Moore mowed our oats and one pease of Hungarian.
Aug. 20.  Scott Moore carried William Graves & wife down to the Falls today.  Whitmore Garland took his horse and went down to [? Ridge, Sedge Beech?] Pond and got John Valentine and wife and baby and his uncle and carried them up to his house to stop with them tonight.  George Garland & wife and Clarence has gone up this evening.
Wednesday, Aug 21.  Scott Moore and I hauled in 3 loads of Hungarian hay. Whitmore Garland and Lorenda & Fanny and the Valentines went down to Edmund Hopkins’ in Trenton today.
Ellsworth, Aug. 28, 1901.  Letty B. Moore has been up here today. Howard Moore, Wesley Moore came up tonight with the white horse, and Nora Moore went down with them.  Scott Moore and I hauled in two loads of Hungarian.  We had six loads.   Finished up haying.
Friday, Aug. 30.  I went down to the Falls this afternoon to get an anchor and some chains to move the house that Scott Moore had of John Moore.
Aug. 31.  Scott Moore and I been hauling the house today.

A map of Ellsworth, Maine; look for the area around Graham Lake:

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