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1930 Annual Imp Show, Brighton High School, Brighton, Massachusetts

Program for the Annual Imp Show at Brighton High School, Brighton, Massachusetts of February 27, 1930.  9" x 6" booklet of 8 interior pages.

"Honor Bright", by Meredith Nicholas and Kenyon Nicholson
A Comedy in Three Acts
Given under the Personal Direction of Mr. M. Henry McInerney
School Hall
February 27, 1930

The Cast
Mrs. Lucy Barrington - Marion Gamble
Richard Barrington, her son - Leslie Johnston
Rt. Rev. William Carton - Theron Polychrinides
Peggy Carton, his wife - Lillian Ziman
Honor Bright, a book agent - Anna Maguire
Rev. James Schooley - Phillip Trumbour
Bill Drum, press agent - Charles Featherstone
Tot Marvel - Phyllis Donigan
Watts, butler - Costa Vardack
Annie, maid - Esther Slack
Maggie, cook - Helen Callahan
Michael, chauffeur - Melvin Caplan
Foster, gardener - Barnett Goldman
Simpson, deputy sheriff - Samuel MacDonald
Jones, deputy sheriff - Leonard Reichert

Place: Rockmere, Beach Haven, Mass.
A spacious living room in the summer home of the Barrington's at Beach Haven

Time: Act I. About 5 P.m., a day in August
Act I, after dinner same day
Act 3, nine o'clock the following morning

Faculty Committee
Mr. Joseph A. Leary, Chairman
Miss Elizabeth I. O'Neill, Program
Miss Martha E. Marshall, Candy
Mr. Burnham, Electrician
Miss Sullivan
Mr. McInerney
Miss Poor
Mr. Peterson
Miss McCloskey
Mr. Tully
Miss Rockwood
Mr. Burnham

Student Committee
James Dalton, Business Manager
Philip Trumbour, Program
Philip Hill, Stage Manager
William Bocchino, Assistant Stage Manager
Philip O'Farrel, Publicity Manager
Kathleen Brady, Prompter
Jayne Multer, Prompter
Josephine Barnaby, Make Up Artist

Play under the personal direction of Mr. M. Henry McInerney

Bernard Farrell, Head Usher
Marie Thornton, Hostess
Edward Kelly
Mary O'Connell
Natalie Abbot
Jeremiah Kelleher
Walter Adelof
Mildred Brennan
Karl Tory

Advertising Committee
Miss Elizabeth I. O'Neill, Teacher Chairman
Philip Trumbour, Student Chairman

Miriam Roma
Rita Quinlan
Kathleen Brady

Doris B. Hudson '28, Director of Stage Properties

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