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1880s-1900s Autograph Album with signers in Kenduskeag and Levant area of Maine

Autograph album, approximately 7" x 4-1/4", signed mostly by people in the Penobscot County towns of Kenduskeag and Levant, Maine.  The title page is missing, and there may be other missing pages in the front.  

The album appears to have been used by two generations, with some autographs dated in the 1880s and one as late as 1916.  Two pages are inscribed to Irene and one to Rena, who I think is the same person, the later owner of the album.

During the second period of use, the album was subjected to a good bit of doodling, some of which defaces earlier entries.  Some of the later signers signed multiple pages.

Frank Herbert Barwise and his wife Nellie Emma (Mills) Barwise of Bangor, Maine, married in 1877, signed adjoining pages. They didn't date their entries, but they appear to have been addressed to the earlier owner, so I'm guessing they signed in the 1880s.  

Another signer, Lizzie F. Turner of Kenduskeag, identified herself as the owner's cousin.  Again, I believe Lizzie was addressing her page to the earlier owner.

Miss Addie M. Clark of Kenduskeag signed a page in 1883:

Mrs. H. M. Doyen of West Levant, Maine, signed a page in 1890:

F. B. McLaughlin of Levant, Maine, signed a page in 1891.  I believe he was Fred B. McLaughlin.

Mary A. McLaughlin, who I believe was Fred's sister, signed the adjoining page:

Complete list of signers, in alphabetical order.  Be aware that some of signers may have mentioned the place where they signed the page, not necessarily their place of residence.

  • Caddie Averill of Kenduskeag, Maine, 1896
  • Frank H. Barwise of Bangor, Maine, uncle
  • Nellie E. Barwise of Bangor, Maine, aunt
  • Victor H. Call of East Exeter, Maine, 1889
  • Miss Addie M. Clark of Kenduskeag, Maine, 1883
  • Mabel Clewley of Kenduskeag, Maine, 1896
  • Edith Cookson of Kenduskeag, Maine, 1896
  • Sadie Cookson of Kenduskeag, Maine, 1896
  • Mrs. H. M. Doyen of West Levant, Maine, 1890
  • Amy Everett of Kenduskeag, Maine, 1896
  • John H. Hanscom of Milo, Maine, 1889
  • Elvira Hasey of Kenduskeag, Maine, 1905, two entries
  • Nellie Hasey of Kenduskeag, Maine, 1902, two entries
  • Walter M. Hasey of Kenduskeag, Maine, entries in 1916 and 1922 and two undated; one of his pages has three additional names: Esther N. Lamson, Marion Ames and Alice McAttee
  • Avilla Heseltine of South Corinth, Maine, 1896
  • Lizzie M. Heseltine, 1896
  • Rose R. Hodgdon of West Levant, Maine
  • J. A. Hogle of New York
  • Nellie M. Jenness of Kenduskeag, Maine, 1896
  • Iva B. Kelley of East Corinth, Maine
  • A. Laine of Kenduskeag, Maine
  • Katie Leary, 1888
  • Lena A. Leary of East Hampden, Maine, 1888
  • Frank Marston of Kenduskeag, Maine, 1905
  • Walter A. Marston of Kenduskeag, Maine, 1905
  • Mary Jane McLash
  • F. B. McLaughlin of Levant, Maine, 1891
  • Mary A. McLaughlin of Levant, Maine
  • Ida S. Mills of West Levant, Maine, 1883
  • Nellie Mills of Kenduskeag, Maine, 1896
  • Millie Penley of Auburn, Maine
  • E. S. Preble of West Levant, Maine, 1891
  • Mabel Stinchfield of Kenduskeag, Maine, 1891
  • Lizzie F. Turner of South Levant, Maine, 1884, cousin
  • Maud Warren of Kenduskeag, Maine, 1896
  • C. Wilson of South Levant, Maine, 1884; middle initial could be F or T

Map of Kenduskeag and Levant, Maine:

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