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1901 Diary of Clara Sproul Gay (1864-1955) of Waldoboro, Maine

1901 diary of Clara Sproul Gay (1864-1955) of Waldoboro, Maine.  Only a few pages have entries.

Images of all of the pages which have entries appear at the end of this post.

Clara entered her name on the appropriate page, shown below, and added an emergency contact of John F. Libby of 12 ? Square, presumably 12 Court Square, Boston, Massachusetts.  Attorney John Fuller Libby (1863-1906) was the husband of Clara's younger sister Gracia Dana (Gay) Libby (1867-1951).

Clara Sproul Gay was born May 11, 1864 at Waldoboro, Maine, the daughter of merchant John Tyler Gay (1837-1914) and Ann Young (Gracia) Gay (1842-1913), who were born in Waldoboro, Maine, and Cushing, Maine, respectively.

The entries show that Clara traveled to Boston on occasion, by way of a boat from Bath, Maine.  She also made a visit to Lewiston, Maine, in July to visit Mari and returned with Mari and Mrs. Nash.

Names in the diary:

If you have additional information on the Gay family of Waldoboro, Maine, or a theory as to the identity of any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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