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Early to Mid 1900s Photograph Album, reportedly from the Bath, Maine, area; only Surname mentioned is White

Note: Please be sure to scroll down to the comment section with a reader's theories about the identities of people in the album.

Early to, approximately, mid 1900s photograph album, containg 63 photographs; reportedly from the Bath, Maine, area, but not confirmed.  

Many people are only partially identified and, in many cases, only by nickname.  The only surname mentioned is White

Because many of the partially identified people are family members, a reader with ancestry in or familiarity with the Bath, Maine, area, might be able to unlock the full names and relationships.

A listing of all of the names follows a few sample pages, below.

Top left: Mother & Gin; top right: Connie & Nona
Bottom left: Connie; bottom right: Shine

Top left: Gin; top right: Ginny, Gin, Bub
Bottom left: Bub; bottom right: Bub & Ginny

Top left: Dawn White; top right: Skipper White
Bottom left: Judy; bottom right: Tiny & Judy

Top left: Shine & Tiny; top right: Tiny & Judy
Bottom left: Judy, Shine, Margaret & Tiny; bottom right: Tiny & Judy

Left: Margaret & Tiny; top right: Phyllis, Connie, Mama, Eleanor
Bottom right: Dad Br

People identified, most with just given names and/or nicknames:
  • Mother
  • Dad
  • Phyllis, "Phil", possibly the sister of Connie, Eleanor, Shine & Ginny
  • Connie, possibly the sister of Phyllis, Eleanor, Shine & Ginny
  • Eleanor, possibly the sister of Phyllis, Connie, Shine & Ginny
  • Shine, presumably the husband of Margaret and the father of Judy and Tiny, and he may have been the brother of Phyllis, Eleanor, Connie & Gin
  • Gin or Ginny, presumably the mother of Bub and Ginny and the sister of, possibly, Phyllis, Eleanor, Connie and Shine
  • Nona
  • Bub, presumably the son of Ginny and brother of Ginny's daughter Ginny
  • Ginny, presumably the namesake daughter of Ginny and the sister of Bub
  • Ken, a man shown with Ginny and Bub and a dog, possibly their father
  • Dawn White, the sister of Skipper White and, possibly, the daughter or niece of Connie, an adult shown in the photo
  • Skipper White, brother of Dawn White and, possibly, the son or nephew of Connie, an adult shown in the photo
  • Judy, presumably the daughter of Shine & Margaret and the sister of Tiny
  • Tiny, presumably the daughter of Shine and Margaret and the sister of Judy
  • Margaret, presumably the wife of Shine and mother of Judy and Tiny.
  • Diann.
  • Sistie, who might have been the sister of Georgie
  • Georgie, who might have had a sister nicknamed "Sistie"
  • Marlene H.
  • Patsy
  • Jimmy

If you have a theory as to the identity of any of the people in the album, please leave a comment or contact me directly.


  1. Hello Pam,
    I have a possibility for this group, but definitely not a certainty.

    Starting with the assumption that the owner of the album was not the White family, or else why would they add the surname to identify the pictures?

    The album might have belonged to a descendant of Samuel and Vera (Barter) Lakin, living in Portland in 1930. One of them just died in Topsham, Maine, in June 2018, which might line up with your just finding the album.

    Here is the family in 1930

    I found a Dawn White, daughter of Shirley P (Lakin) White.
    And I think "Shine" might be Shirley's brother, Samuel P Lakin, Jr, b 1920. He served in the US Navy in WWII, had a wife Margaret, and possibly a daughter Judith, born 1943, which fits his uniform and Judy's age in the picture of the 4 family members.

    I hope you can make sense of the links to the documents. I am too cross-eyed to finish tying it together.

    Samuel P Lakin (c1891, Maine - )
    + Vera E Barter (c1896, Maine - )
    Beulah Lakin (c1913, Maine - 1982)
    + Franklin C Leavitt
    Franklin C Leavitt (26 Jan 1932, Portland - 2 June 2018, Topsham, ME)
    Eleanor Leavitt (c 1935, Maine - )
    + __ Bishop
    Donald W Lakin (c1917, Maine - )
    Shirley P Lakin (c1919, Maine - )
    + Ralph P White
    - Dawn White
    Samuel P Lakin (c1920, Maine - )
    + Margaret Gaudette
    - ? Judith Lakin (8 May 1943 - )
    + Ronald A Pye
    Judith in Bath, Maine in 2008

    Starting with Dawn White, daughter of Shirley Lakin and Ralph White:

    Shirley G Lakin married Ralph W White, Jr, 1 July 1939. both resided in Bath, Maine

    In 1940 they were living in Bath and had a daughter Dawn White, 1 month old.

    Samuel P Lakin married Margaret Gaudette, 20 October 1939, both resided in Bath, Maine.

    Samuel P Lakin, b 2 November 1919, d 17 February 1977, is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Bath, Maine. His headstone says he was in the US Navy in WWII
    (his parents, wife and sister Shirley are also buried there)

    a Judith E Lakin married Ronald A Pye, 1 September 1963, in Maine, no residences given.

    Judith E Pye was born 8 May 1943 and was living in Bath Maine in 2008

    Beulah Lakin married Franklin Leavitt, and had a daughter Eleanor and son Franklin (see his obituary next). They were living in Portland in 1940.

    Franklin Leavitt's obituary identifies his mother's maiden name as Lakin. Franklin died June 2, 2018, in Topsham, Maine.

    "Franklin was predeceased by his first wife, Barbara Ann Nichols of Portland; his parents Franklin and Beulah (Lakin) Leavitt of Portland; his sister, Eleanor (Leavitt) Bishop and her husband, Frederick of Brunswick."

    One big problem is that the picture of Phyllis, Connie, Eleanor, and Mama makes it look like the three younger women are sisters. So shouldn't Franklin's obituary mention the others as well? - Unless they had died long enough prior to him that the informant had forgotten them? Or they were cousins, not sisters?

    1. Amazing work, Ed, as usual! Interesting about the Pye surname, as I have either ancestors or relatives of that name from Nova Scotia.

  2. Why comments on forums and blog hosts can't format a simple family tree with spaces and tabs is beyond me. Same problem on Unclaimed Persons, and rootschat. Here is the tree again:

    Samuel P Lakin (c1891, Maine - )
    ...+ Vera E Barter (c1896, Maine - )
    ........Beulah Lakin (c1913, Maine - 1982)
    ...........+ Franklin C Leavitt
    ...............Franklin C Leavitt (26 Jan 1932, Portland - 2 June 2018, Topsham, ME)
    ...............Eleanor Leavitt (c 1935, Maine - )
    ..................+ __ Bishop
    ........Donald W Lakin (c1917, Maine - )
    ........Shirley P Lakin (c1919, Maine - )
    ...........+ Ralph P White
    ............... - Dawn White
    ........Samuel P Lakin (c1920, Maine - ) <---- "Shine?"
    .............+ Margaret Gaudette
    .................-? Judith Lakin (8 May 1943 - )
    .....................+ Ronald A Pye
    .....................Judith in Bath, Maine in 2008

    1. Thanks for taking the extra time to put it in a format easily understood!

  3. A candidate for "Skipper"

    Skipper White, guest at a child's birthday party, 1957, Bath Maine

    Skipper could be Ralph W White, son of Ralph P White. He is associated with a Shirley G White
    b 11 December 1947, d 2015
    2008: of Bath Maine and Naples, Maine,

    died 2 April 2015

    A candidate for "Tiny"

    a Toin-nette Lakin played 3rd base for Girls grammar school softball team

    Toinette B Lakin married Bruce M Weybrant, 1 December 1963, Maine

    born 18 April 1941, currently in Bath, Maine
    she is older than her sister Judy in the pictures

    was in Bath, Maine, 1 April 1996 and is still alive

  4. Again, many thanks for the research!

  5. This is my family! Whwere did this album come from?

  6. It may have belonged to my Dad. Franklin Leavitt who passed in 2018. I know who all these people are. Could someone please email me?? Tiny is still very much alive. Dad used to speak of all of them. I remember myGreat Uncle Ralph White & Great Aunt Shirley. My Grandmother was her sister. Someone please tell me who has this & how do I get it back??