Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tintypes of Florence Pavord; Georgie Jamison; Florrie Brown & May Whitcraft; Presumably Connected to Wilmington, Delaware

Two tintypes of two women each, one of Florence Pavord and Georgie Jamison, and the other of Florrie Brown and May Whitcraft.   Women of these names, all born around 1880, lived at or near Wilmington, Delaware.

Florence and Georgie are younger than Florrie and May.  It's possible that Florence Pavord and Florrie Brown are the same person at different stages in life, as a Florence E. N. Pavord, born about 1879, married George Elliot Brown on January 26, 1898 at Wilmington, Delaware.  This Florence was the daughter of Charles and Louisa Virginia (Semans or Lemans) Pavord.

Interestingly, I found an article in the August 16, 1894 issue of the Evening Journal of Wilmington, Delaware, where Charles and Louisa V. Pavord were accused of selling liquor without a license.

Note the maiden name of Georgie's mother, farther below.  Perhaps Semans and Seamans were variants of the same surname, with Florence and Georgie possibly cousins.

The tintype itself:

A tintype of Florrie Brown and May Whitcraft; if Florrie was Florence E.  N. Pavoid, this tintype was taken in a later era:

  • Georgia Jamison, born about 1880 at Elkton, Maryland, the daughter of Charles G. and Katy (Seaman) Jamison.  Georgia married Henry Lynch, son of William and Honora (Flynn) Lynch on March 26, 1898 at Wilmington, Delaware.  
  • Mary Whitcraft was born about 1878 in Delaware, the daughter of James Alexander Whitcraft and Kate C. (Wells) Whitcraft.  This Mary, who might have gone by the nickname May, was a dressmaker and stenographer at Wilmington, Delaware.  As late as 1940, she was still at Wilmington, Delaware and living with her brother Blanchard Whitcraft.
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