Thursday, April 28, 2016

c1900 Photograph of the Drug Store of Frederick Elmer Sprague at Bangor, Maine; Maine Stein Song Connection

c1900 photograph of the drug store owned by Frederick Elmer Sprague, "Fred", of Bangor, Maine.  Perhaps the men shown are Fred and his son Adelbert Wells Sprague.

Identification on the reverse indicates that the store was at the corner of Clinton and Hammond Streets, though that may refer to Grace Methodist Church, which is also mentioned.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested]

According to his birth and death certificates, Frederick Elmer Sprague "Fred", was born April 4, 1844 at Dexter, Maine, the son of Henry Augustus Sprague, born at Dexter, Maine, and Eliza (Cleaves) Sprague, born at Paris, Maine.   

Fred and his wife Hattie C. Sprague had at least one child, son Adelbert Wells Sprague, who became a music professor at the University of Maine and eventually head of the music department there, as well as conductor of the Bangor Band for 41 years.  

While still a student at the University of Maine, Adelbert arranged a tune that he thought would do well for a school anthem and asked his friend Lincoln Colcord to compose some lyrics.  The result was the rousing Maine Stein Song.   

If you'd like to hear Rudy Vallee, who attended the University of Maine in the 1920s, sing the Maine Stein Song, advance to the 1.16 minute mark.

Finally, the unforgettable pep rally version, which must have Adelbert Wells Sprague grinning ear to ear:

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