Friday, April 29, 2016

June 1836 Invoice: Fogg & Davis; Bangor Dispatch Line; Schooner Tremont; Maine to Boston, Massachusetts

June 1836 invoice between the parties of Fogg & Davis and Bangor Despatch Line, for the transport of one barrel on the Schooner Tremont.  The cost was $.24.   Fogg and Davis operated out of Bangor, Maine.

The reverse mentions Freeport, which is presumably Freeport, Maine, located about midway between Bangor, Maine, and Boston, Massachusetts.  It could possibly be Freeport in the Bahamas.

Interestingly, I found mention that the Schooner Tremont was one of the vessels lost in the gales of December 1839.  The Tremont and her cargo were lost off Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, but her crew was saved.

The Fogg of Fogg & Davis may have been one or more of the sons of Meshach Fogg and Abigail (Whittier or Witcher) Fogg of New Hampshire : Greenlief Fogg; Noah Fogg; Jesse Fogg; Luke (Witcher or Whittier) Fogg; Ransom Pike Fogg; Nathaniel Upham Fogg; and Benjamin Greeley Fogg.  Some, if not all of them, lived at Bangor, Maine, at some point.

See another post that features an account book from the 1830s at Bangor, Maine, that I believe was owned by one of the Fogg brothers.  One entry made reference to N. Fogg & Davis, so the Fogg brother involved in Fogg and Davis may have been Noah or Nathaniel.

At least two of the Fogg brothers are buried at Mount Hope Cemetery at Bangor, Maine.  Others went west.

If you have more information on "Fogg & Davis", please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Sorry about the map below - the route would have consisted of a trip from Bangor downriver on the Penobscot and then by sea to Freeport, Maine, and Boston, Massachusetts.

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