Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Cabinet Photograph of Patience Purrington; by a Rockland, Maine Studio

Cabinet photograph of a middle-aged woman identified on the reverse as Patience Purrington.  The photograph was taken by the studio of McLoon & Crockett of Rockland, Maine.

She was presumably Patience Gillmore (Alden) Purrington, or Patience Gillmor (Alden) Purrington, "Patia" or "Patie", born, according to her death record, at Union, Maine, on March 2, 1844, the daughter of Augustus Alden and Margaret (Williams) Alden.

Patience married Woodbury M. Purrington on May 27, 1874 at Union, Maine; they lived at Rockland, Maine.  Woodbury was born at Bowdoinham, Maine, on August 21, 1841, the son of David and Mehitable Purrington.

Woodbury, a jeweler, appears in a list of Maine Clockmakers, Watchmakers and Casemakers of the State of Maine (1700-1925).

Patience died November 6, 1915.

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