Monday, April 25, 2016

c1920s Class Photograph, Presumably Class of 1925 at Bangor High School, Bangor, Maine

Large photograph of students, presumably at Bangor, Maine.

Very few of the names on the reverse are still legible.  One of them is Manuel M. Epstein; a man by that name graduated from Bangor High School at Bangor, Maine, with the Class of 1925.

Matted, the piece measures about 13-1/2" by 11-1/2".  The photograph itself measures about 9-1/2" by 7-1/2"

As noted above, the identification on the reverse was written in an ink that has faded greatly over time; here's a sample:

Among the names or partial names on the reverse: [some may be misconstrued]
  • Somers
  • Penn
  • Philip R. Cohen
  • Foster S. Ellis
  • R. Colby
  • Manuel M. Epstein
  • Derosh
  • Bartlett
  • Ruth
  • Marjorie
  • Marie
The July 25, 1925 issue of the Bangor Daily News contains a photograph of seven members of the Class of 1925 of Bangor High School attending a 50th reunion at Pilots Grill restaurant.

If, from your family photographs, you recognize a relative who attended Bangor High School in the 1920s, please leave a comment or contact me directly, so that I can match names to faces.

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