Wednesday, April 20, 2016

1892 Photograph, Possibly Graduation Photograph, of Harry H. North Jr. by a Boston or Newport RI studio

Cabinet photograph, possibly a graduation photograph, of a young man identified on the reverse as Mr. Harry H. North, Jr., of Belgrade Mills, dated July 1892.

Belgrade Mills may be the village in the town of Belgrade, Maine in Kennebec County.

The photograph was taken at the Hastings studio at 146 Tremont Street in Boston, Massachusetts, or at their branch site at 10 Bath Road, Newport, Rhode Island.  The reverse of the photograph also mentions Roxbury and Boston, Massachusetts. Harry presumably attended school in Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

I'm not sure if Harry was his given name, a nickname for Henry or a nickname for a given or middle name, such as Harrison.  The person writing the identification may have called him Harry H. North, Jr., when perhaps his first name was not Harry or Henry or even a name starting with H.

Assuming the Belgrade Mills mentioned is the Belgrade Mills in Maine, he was presumably related to the North family of Kennebec County, Maine, several of whom were physicians in the area.

If you recognize Harry from your family photos or research, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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