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c1899 Candid Photograph of John Insley Blair (1802-1899) of Blairstown, New Jersey

c 1897-1899 photograph elderly John Insley Blair of Blairstown, New Jersey.  He was a self-made entrepreneur and railroad magnate; see his papers here.

 "John Insley Blair 1897-1899 on his porch - Blairstown, N.J."

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested]

John Insley Blair was born August 22, 1802 at Foul Rift, near Belvidere, New Jersey, the son of James Blair and Rachel (Insley) Blair.  On September 20, 1826 at Blairstown, New Jersey, John married Nancy Locke, "Ann", daughter of John and Rachel (Armstrong) Locke.  They would have four children, three of whom, tragically, died before their parents:
  1. Emma Elizabeth Blair (1827-1869); married Charles Scribner
  2. Marcus Laurence Blair (1830-1874)
  3. DeWitt Clinton Blair (1830-1915)
  4. Aurelia Anne Blair (1838-1866)

John and Ann, who died in 1888, are buried in the Blairstown Cemetery at Blairstown, New Jersey, along with son Marcus.

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