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Story of 50 Years of Portland Savings Bank, 1852-1902, Portland, Maine

The Story of Fifty Years of the Portland Savings Bank, 1852-1902, Portland, Maine.  31-page booklet, withdrawn at some point by the Portland Public Library, who had encased it in a hard cover.

The booklet contains names and illustrations of people and the building associated with the Bank from its founding in 1852 until its 50th anniversary.
Names of people and institutions are transcribed below the image of each page.

Shown above, the Board of Managers in 1902: 
William H. Moulton
Fritz H. Jordan
Edward A. Noyes, Treasurer
James P. Baxter, President
Charles S. Fobes, Vice President
Edward Woodman
Alfred H. Berry

Officers of the Corporation
James Phinney Baxter, President
Charles S. Fobes, Vice President       

James P. Baxter
Charles S. Fobes
William H. Moulton
Edward Woodman
Fritz H. Jordan
Alfred H. Berry
Edward A. Noyes 

Edward A. Noyes

Assistant Treasurer
Alfred A. Montgomery

Charles E. Noyes

William G. Strong
Herbert A. Roberts

Mary E. Plummer

Stanley W. Fogg

James P. Baxter, President 1901  -

Members of the Corporation
James P. Baxter
Edward H. Davies
Charles W. Ford
Edward A. Noyes
Franklin R. Barrett
Charles S. Fobes
William H. Moulton
Fritz H. Jordan
George Burnham, Jr.
Sidney W. Thaxter
Franklin C. Payson
Henry W. Swasey
Edward Woodman
Clinton L. Baxter
Edward P. Staples
Frederick Robie
Horace H. Shaw
Arthur K. Hunt
Philip H. Brown
Henry Deering
Alexander T. Laughlin
Alfred A. Montgomery
Frank D. True
Frank W. Robinson
Alfred H. Berry
William Chamberlain
Lucien Snow
George B. Morrill
Charles S. Chase
James W. Parker

Albion K. Parris, President 1852-1853

Albion K. Parris, Served May 28, 1852 to May 4, 1853
Phinehas Barnes, Served May 4, 1853 to Oct. 27, 1863
Oliver Gerrish, Served Oct. 27 1863 (temporarily)
John B. Brown, Served May, 1864 to Jan. 1881
Oliver Gerrish, Served Jan. 1881 to Dec. 1888
George E. B. Jackson, Elected Vice President, May 1888
George E. B. Jackson, President 1888 to Oct. 1891
Franklin R. Barrett, Served 1891 to 1901
James P. Baxter, Served 1901-

Phinehas Barnes, President 1853-1863

Albion K. Parris, served 1852 to r. 1853
George Warren, served 1852 to r. 1856
John B. Brown, served 1852 to d. 1881
Abner Shaw, served 1852 to r. 1855
Joseph C. Noyes, served 1852 to r. 1856
Henry B. Hart, served 1852 to d. 1871
Phinehas Barnes, served 1852 to r. 1863
Eben Steele, served 1854 to r. 1855
Allen Haines, served 1855 to r. 1869
Oliver Gerrish, served 1855 to d. 1888
Jedediah Jewett, served 1856 to d. 1863
Jonas H. Perley, served 1857 to r. 1869
James T. McCobb, served 1863 to d. 1882
Andrew Spring, served 1864 to d. 1876
Jacob McLellan, served 1869 to d. 1888
George E. B. Jackson, served 1869 to d. 1891
W. F. Milliken, served 1871 to d. 1899
Frank Noyes, served 1877 to d. 1877
Edward A. Noyes, served 1878 
James P. Baxter, served 1881
Franklin R. Barrett, served 1882 to r. 1901
Charles S. Fobes, served 1888
Sidney W. Thaxter, served 1888 to r. 1900
William H. Moulton, served 1891
Edward Woodman, served 1900
Fritz H. Jordan, served 1900
Alfred H. Berry, served 1901

James Merrill, Treasurer 1852-1859

Names on the page above (Note that some appear multiple times.)
Charles Q. Clapp
George Warren
Thomas Hammond
Phinehas Barnes
Allen Haines
Levi Cutter
Jedediah Jewett
John B. Brown
Henry B. Hart
Phinehas Barnes
George Warren
Joseph C. Noyes
Abner Shaw
Allen Haines
Albion K. Parris
James Merrill

Joseph C. Noyes, Treasurer 1859-1868 

Names on the page above:  [Note that some appear multiple times.]
Albion K. Parris                                   Ether Shepley
Israel Richardson                                  Eliphalet Greeley
Levi Cutter                                           George Warren 
Joshua B. Osgood                                 Rufus Emerson
Philip Greeley                                       Joseph W. Dyer
David Hall                                            John O'Donnell
Charles Q. Clapp                                  Thomas Hammond
Abner Shaw                                          Ezra Carter, Jr.   
Joseph C. Noyes                                   Alexander Hubbs
Henry B. Hart                                        Thomas Chadwick
Franklin Tinkham                                   Nathan Cummings
George Bartol                                        John Connor
Allen Haines                                          Jedediah Jewett
Phinehas Barnes                                     James Merrill
Charles Baker - first depositer
Lydia Caroline Baker - the first deposit was made in her name.
Albion K. Parris
Phinehas Barnes
Joseph C. Noyes
James Merrill

 John B. Brown, President 1864-1881

Names on the page above:
Horatio N. Jose & George F. Shepley - first loan of a considerable amount was made to these two men to convert Preble House into a hotel - 13 January 1860
Phinehas Barnes
Oliver Gerrish
John B. Brown
Richard D. Rice & Ether Shepley -  Received loan of $100,000 on behalf of Portland & Kennebec RR

Frank Noyes, Treasurer 1868-1877 

Names on the page above:
Portland Safe Deposit Company
Portland Glass Company
Joseph C. Noyes
Frank Noyes
Edward A. Noyes
J. E. Simpson - received a loan in July 1869 for a dry dock
Gov. Joshua L. Chamberlain
Knox & Lincoln Railroad Company - received loans in 1870
Portland & Ogdensburg Railroad - received loan in 1871
Portland & Rochester Railroad

 Top, Bank Bulding 1867-1876
Bottom, Bank Building 1877-1893

Names on the page above:
Messrs. J. B. Brown & Sons
W. W. Bolster
Frank Noyes - died at 3:45 P.M. December 17, 1877
Edward A. Noyes - elected Treasurer December 29, 1877
1878 - the great Savings Bank Panic

 Oliver Gerrish, President 1881-1888

Names on the page above:
The Warren Mills at Westbrook, where a bank panic started as the result of a practical joke
Hon. A. W. H. Clapp - tried to talk many jittery people out of withdrawing their money needlessly

 George E. B. Jackson, President 1888-1891

 Names on the page above:
Woodbury & Moulton
 Franklin R. Barrett, President 1891-1901

Names on the page above:
Preble House - a n 1880 loan to enlarge 
Portland Water Company - an 1880 loan to build a reservoir
John B. Brown - died in January 1881
Oliver Gerrish
George E. B. Jackson - died in 1891
Franklin R. Barrett

 Edward A. Noyes, Treasurer 1877

Names on the page above:
Westbrook Manufacturing Company
Portland Rolling Mill
Portland & Ogdensburg Railroad - for machine shop
Portland Railroad Company
City of Portland
Otis Falls Pulp Company
Maine Central Railroad - 1889 loan to aid in building  the Mountain Division
Portland Steam Packet Company
Portland Street Railroad
Bath Iron Works
Berlin Mills
Portland Street Railroad
Pulp Mill at Simpson's Rips
St. Joseph Traction Company
Portland Company
Bowdoin Paper Company
Grand Trunk Elevator
Maine Savings Bank
Lafayette Hotel - loan to build it in 1902

Back Row: Stanley W. Fogg; William G. Strong; Herbert A. Roberts
Front Row: Charles E. Noyes; Alfred A. Montgomery; Mary E. Plummer 

Name on the page above:
Edward A. Noyes, Treasurer

Portland, Maine

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