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CDVs of siblings Joseph Clark Lowe & Florence Marion Lowe of Eastport, Maine

Joseph Clark Lowe

CDVs of siblings Joseph Clark Lowe and Florence Marion Lowe, children of John Albert Lowe and Anna Maria (Clark) Lowe.

Florence Marion Lowe

Their father, John Albert Lowe, was the son of Isaiah and Mary Jane (Swett) Lowe.  Their mother, Anna Maria (Clark) Lowe, was the daughter of Joseph and Silence (Holmes) Clark. Joseph, born in New Hampshire, was a sea captain.

The children of John A. and Anna Maria (Clark) Lowe:

  • Minnie Sherman Lowe, born 7 November 1864; died 25 August 1865
  • Joseph Clark Lowe, born 7 July 1866; died 19 March 1941; married Elizabeth M. Smith
  • John A. Hilton Lowe, born 28 September 1867; died 16 July 1868
  • William Wales Lowe, born 9 August 1869; died 5 May 1945
  • Lillian Augusta Lowe, born ?; died 6 September 1872
  • Anna Mary Lowe, born 30 September 1873; died 15 December 1873
  • Florence Marion Lowe, born 5 September 1876; married Herbert H. Green
  • George Edwin Lowe, born 16 April 1878; died 2 July 1878
  • Albert Edwin Lowe, born 6 May 1880; died 12 May 1889
  • Winfield Scott Lowe, born ?; died 6 October 1881
  • John Albert Lowe, born 3 July 1883 at Eastport, Maine

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Eastport, Maine

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