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1866-1922 Graduate Catalog of State Normal & Training School at Farmington, Maine

Catalog listing the graduates of the State Normal & Training School at Farmington, Maine, from its inception in 1866 to 1922.  The institution is now known as University of Maine Farmington.

The catalog is a bit over 9" x 6" and contains 102 numbered pages and a few illustrations, with listings, from throughout the years, of the Board of Instruction, the officers of the Alumni Association, the Faculty and many pages listing the graduates with news of their work and marriages.  

See another post that features an index of all of the people mentioned from 1866 to 1922.

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

Graduate Catalogue of the Farmington State Normal and Training School
Teachers from 1864 to 1922
Graduates from 1866 to 1922
Printed at Farmington, Maine, in 1922, by The Knowlton & McLeary Company, Printers

Board of Instruction

Wilbert G. Mallett, A.M., Pedagogy, Psychology, Civics
Assistants, in Order of Length of Service
Lillian I. Lincoln, Supervisor of Training, Pedagogy, History of Education
Katherine E. Abbott, Drawing, Home Furnishing and Decoration, Algebra, Nature Study
Carolyn A. Stone, Physiology, Physical Culture, Psychology
Louise W. Richards, Assistant Supervisor of Training, Grades VII an VIII
Virginia A. Porter, English, Penmanship
Arthur M. Thomas, A.M., Assistant Principal, Natural Sciences
Franca C. Ingalls, Music
Bernadine Cooney, State Director Household Arts, Theory
Agnes P. Mantor, Arithmetic, Psychology, English, Library Methods
Edna M. Havey, Manual Training
Flora N. Odell, Sewing and Allied Subjects
Frances R. Bacharach, Cooking and Allied Subjects
Emma M. Mahoney, Training School, Grades V and VI
Ethelyn M. Walls, Training School, Grades IV and V
Charles S. Preble, A.B., Geography, History, Nature Study and Allied Sciences
Doris Wadman, Training School, Grades I, II and III
Iola H. Perkins, Training School, Sub-primary
Other Officers
Ruth E. Gould, Secretary
W. D. Blake, Janitor
At Purington Hall
Mrs. L. Estelle Allen, Matron
Joseph Riggs, Janitor

Alumni Association
President, Charles E. Varney, '15
Vice-President, Mattie Swift Ripley, '88
Treasurer, Katherine E. Abbott, '92
Secretary, Emma M. Mahoney, '19
Executive Committee
Agnes P. Mantor, '15
Lillian Scribner Horn, '97
Katherine Paine Swenson, '17

At the State Teachers' Convention in Portland, last October, the graduates and former students of the School formed an organization for the purpose of providing a reunion each year at the Teachers' Convention.  Charles E. Varney, '15, acted as Chairman, and Helen M. King, '97, Secretary-Treasurer.  For the meeting next October in Bangor Cleveland E. Giles, '01, was elected Chairman and Myrtle Robbins Ames, '87, Secretary-Treasurer.

Alumni Association of Massachusetts
President, Harry D. Mallett, '93
First Vice-President, Zulietta Morse Nickerson, '05
Second Vice-President, Elizabeth Haley Bean, '90
Third Vice-President, Carolyn Howard, '13
Treasurer, Clarence H. Knowlton, '94
Secretary, Annie Reed Chick, '03
Executive Committee
Freelan O. Stanley, '71
Josephine C. Wyman, '88
Helen Sewall Hunter, '95
M. Estelle Ramsdell, '15
Cornelia Dwelley Pratt, '15

Alumni Association of New York
President, Frank W. Knowlton, '12
Vice-President, Martha P. Clark, '01
Secretary and Treasurer, Mary Belle Randall, '11
Executive Committee
Alta M. Reed, '98
Lena M. Hazelton, '09
Florence E. Sparks, '99

Prefatory Note

This issue of a graduate catalogue of the Farmington Normal  School is published at the solicitation of many of the Alumni
and is made possible by the generous subscription of over one-half
of the living graduates.

The older graduates still think of the school as the Western
State Normal School, its first name. When the Normal school was
established at Gorham, it was legally designated the Western State
Normal School and the name of this School was changed to the
Northern State Normal School, and so it is to this day as far as
legal designation goes. But with the establishment of a Normal
school at Presque Isle, "Northern" as applying to this School lost
significance even though the new school was called the Aroostook 
State Normal School. So the legal designation has been dropped,
and the name of Farmington has been generally adopted.

The type appearance of this catalogue is a departure from all
previous graduate catalogues. The change has been made wholly
as a matter of economy of paper. We hope it rnay be acceptable
to the subscribers.

The larger part of the routine work in its preparation has been
performed by the principal’s secretary, Miss Ruth E. Gould, ’19, to whom we will all make acknowledgements.

Many personal letters have come with the catalogue data, all of
which the principal herewith acknowledges and wishes he might
have answered with a personal reply.

Whenever two addresses are given the reader will understand that the last given is the more permanent, or home address.

Ambrose P. Kelsey, A.M. (Hamilton). Ph.D. (Bowdoin), Principal, 1865-5; d. March 30, 1891, Clinton, New York
George M. Gage, Asst. 1864-5; Principal 1865-8; d. April 13, 1910, Sacramento, California
Charles C. Rounds, B.S. and M.S. (Dartmouth), A.M. (Bowdoin, Colby). Ph.D. (Bates), Principal 1868-83;  d. Nov. 9, 1901, Farmington
George C. Purington, A.B, A.M. (Bowdoin). Principal 1883-1909;
d. May 6. 1909, Monson, Maine
Wilbert G. Mallett. See Class of 1886
Annie E. Johnson, 1864-5; at Jan. 9, 1894, Bradford, Massachusetts.
Sarah R. Smith. 1865-6; d. June 29, 1921, Beverly, Massachusetts
Mary B. Smith. 1865-6; d. March 8, 1917, Beverly, Massachusetts
Mary C. Packard. 1865-6; m. Albert G. Tenney, A.M., deceased; d. June9, 1900, Brunswick
Helen B. Coffin. 1866-9, 1880-2, 1883-5; m. Daniel Beedy, Farmington, deceased; died June 14, 1904, Bangor.
Sophia R. Earle. 1866-8; married Hon. Ledyard Bill; d. January 11, 1908, Worcester, Massachusetts
Isabella I. Wight. 1866-7; d. November 27, 1909, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts 
Julia A. Sears, A.M. 1866-8; retired 1907 from George Peabody College for Teachers, Nashville, Tennessee.  Address Fairhaven, Massachusetts.
Roliston Woodbury, A.M. (Hon. Bowdoin). See class of 1867.
Hannah B. Stewart, Spring Term, 1865.  See class of 1867
Susan D. Melcher. 1868-72.  Last known address, (1912) Wellesley Hill, Massachusetts
Mary A. Davis. 1868-70: d. Feb. 1879, Lee, New Hampshire
Marta N. Billings, 1869-71. See class of 1869.
Charles E. Williams, M.D.  1870-1.  See class of 1870
Clara A. Hinckley, 1871-2.  See class of 1870
Eliza T. Moore. 1871-2. 1885, 1896-1902; married C. D. Sewall, Farmington, now deceased; d. February 15, 1913, Rosbury, Massachusetts
Laura M. Curtis, 1872-3; in 1889 teaching private school, New York City.  No later information. 
Jennie M. Hayden, 1872-81. See class of 1867.
Sarah B. Morton. 1872-3; probably deceased. Last known address, Boston, Massachusetts
Clara F. Allen, 1873-81; married J. Arthur Greene, deceased; d. November 11, 1920, Waltham, Massachusetts
J. Walter Stetson, 1873-4. See class of 1871.
Lottie E. Caldwell, 1874-5; married W. F. Wood; died July 4, 1901, Chicago, Illinois
Edith E. Wiggin, 1874-6; Tuftonboro, New Hampshire
Martha H. Wiggin, 1875-6; died June 17, 1888, Arlington, Massachusetts
Addie F. Hayden, 1876-7; See class of 1876
William Harper, 1877-83; d. February 11, 1907, College Point, Long Island, New York. 
Georgia P. Bucknam, 1879-80. See class of 1874,
Freelan O. Stanley, 1880-1.  See class of 1871.
Eliza J. Perley, A.M., 1881-3; died March 13, 1920, Riverside, California.
Annie M. Pinkham, 1881-2, 1883-6.  See class of 1878
Warren C. Philbrook, A.M., LL.D. (Colby), 1882-3.  Address Augusta, Justice Supreme Judicial Court
Lillian M. Munger, 1882-3.  See class of 1878

Edwin S. Matthews, B.S., 1882-3; mechanical and electrical engineer; expert in Patent Causes, 117 West 58th Street, New York City
Mabel E. Austin, 1882-3.  See class of 1879
Charles F. Warner, A.M. (Colby) Sc.D, 1883-8; Principal Technical High School, Springfield, Massachusetts.  Address, 41 Dartmouth Street.
Elizabeth G. Bell, 1883-5; died Apr. 23, 1887. at Fort Collins, Colorado
Nellie Dennett, Spring Term 1885.  See class of 1884.
Hortense M. Merrill, 1885-1901. 1903-1921. See class of 1881.
Lillian I. Lincoln, 1885-1894. 1896-. See class of 1885.
Lucy F. Luques, 1885-1890, 1891-3.  See class of 1881.
Harriet P. Young, 1886-98, 1899-1901; See class of 1881.
Holmes H. Bailey, Spring Term, 1886. See class of 1876.
Ardelle M. Tozier,1887-92, 1898-9.  See class of 1887.
Jefferson R. Potter, A. M. (Brown), 1888-90: retired.  Address 596 South Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts.
Dennis M. Cole, A.M. (Bowdoin), 1890-2. Asst. in High School, Westfield, Massachusetts.
Ella J. Longfellow, 1890-91. See class of 1886
Mary E. Eaton, Winter Term, 1890-91. See class of 1885
Sara M. Locke, 1892-6. See class of 1892.
Nellie A. Skinner, 1893-1902.  See class of 1887.
Melvin J. West, 1894-1900; Supt. of Schools, Huntington, Massachusetts.
Julia W. Swift, 1900-1. See class of 1886.
Ella P. Merrill, 1901-4. See class of 1891.
Sarah C. Bailey-Purington, 1901-3. 121 Linden St., Everett, Massachusetts.
Carolyn A. Stone, 1901-3, 1905-11. 1912-.  See class of 1898.  Dept. of Physical Culture and Psychology.  Address, Farmington, Maine
Katherine E. Abbott, 1901 -. See class of 1892.  Art Department.  Home address, Fryeburg.
Mary M. Bickford, 1902-4. See class of 1902
Helen M. March, 1903-5.  See class of 1902.
Kate H. Pattangall, A.M. (Tufts), 1904-7.  Address, Pembroke
Mary Alma Bradbury, 1905-6.  See class of 1904.
Edda C. Locke, 1906-7.  See class of 1893.
Virginia A. Porter, 1907-; English Department.  Address, Farmington, Maine.
Florence L. Walker, A. B. (Wellesley) 1907-16; Grad Boston
Sloyd School. Rehabilitation work with ex-service men, Walter Reid Hospital, Washington, D.C.  Home, Westboro, Massachusetts.
Arthur M. Thomas, A.M. (Colby). 1909-; Science Department.  Address, Farmington.
Mary E. Andrews, 1909-1910. See class of 1909.
Franca Camp, 1910-15; married Arthur D. Ingalls; 1920-; Music Department.  Address, Farmington, Maine
Ethel M. Roach, B. S. (Buchtel). A.B; A.M. (Columbia); 1911-12.
Recreation Specialist, Community Service, Inc., Headquarters, New York City.  Home, Akron, Ohio
Louise M. Butz, 1915-16; Cloyne House, Training Station Rd, Newport, Rhode Island
Margaret Bakeman, 1916-19; music student and teacher.  7 Ashland Street, Melrose Highlands, Massachusetts
Gertrude Knight, 1916-18; married Charles A. Bogart
Mrs. Nina D. Palmer, 1916-18, 1919-20. See class of 1892.
Doris Wilder, 1916-17; m. George H. Macomber, Augusta.
Agnes P. Mantor, 1918-19. 1920-. See class of 1915. English and
Psychology, Librarian. Address, Farmington, Maine.
Edith F. Gray, 1918-19; married.
Irene G. Stewart, Winter Term, 1920.  See class of 1918. 
Edna M. Havey, 1919-; See class of 1914.  Manual Training.  Address, North Sullivan, Maine
Charles S. Preble, A. B. (Wesleyan); Biological Science, Geography, History; Farmington, Maine

Model School
Lucilla E. Smith, 1869-71.  See class of 1869.
Mrs. C. C. Rounds, 1871-2, 339 West 86th Street, New York City.
Laura M. Curtis, 1871-2.  See teachers, regular course.
Carrie G. Sewall, 1871-3.  See class of 1870.
Etta Kilbreth, 1873-4.  See class of 1872.
Helen C. Smith, 1874-5. Died June 1, I1894, Easthampton, Massachusetts.
Lottie E. Caldwell, 1874-5  See teachers, regular course.
Anna V. Hunt.  See class of 1873.
Martha B. Wyman, 1875-6.  See first class 1875.
Olivia Hambly, 1878-9. Millerton, Pennsylvania.
E. Burt Holt, 1879-81.  See second class 1879.
Alice E. Warren, 1881-2. See first class 1880.
Agnes I. Rounds, 1882-3.  See second class 1880.
Viola A. Johnson, 1883-4.  See second class 1883.
Marion A. Luce, 1885-7; married Charles F. Warner, A.M.  Address 41 Dartmouth Street, Springfield, Massachusetts. 
Julia W. Swift,  1887-91, 1892-6.  See class of 1886.
Ella J. Longfellow, 1891-2.  See class of 1886.
Lillian I. Lincoln, 1896-.  See class of 1885
Assistants in Model Schools
(Now a Training School of Five Rooms)
For details see respective classes as all are graduates of the school.
1892-93 Ella P. Merrill.
1893-94  H. Kate Butler; Edda C. Locke; Charlotte A. Cushing
1894-5  Abbie M. Robinson; Edith M. Dunning; Caroline A. Waterhouse; L. Pearl Jenkins
1895-6  Alice M. Varney; Madeline G. Clark; Agnes E. Steward.
1896-97  Edith V. Corliss; Marion E. Leland; Hepsibah C. Parsons
1897-98  Ella M. Pinkham; Hattie M. Woodbury; Ethel L. Heald 
1898-99  Carolyn A Stone; Lelia A. Barbour; Mabel E. Alden
1899-00  Maud I. Carter; Annie E. Hall; Edith A. Kalloch
1900-01  Gertrude A. Williams; Edith H. Vinal; Grace M. Goodwin
1901-02  Louise W. Richards, Martha J. McPhail; Eudora W. Gould
1902-03  Helen M. March; G. Luella Hayden; Margaret E. Waterhouse; Irene P. Ladd.
1903-04  Louise W. Richards to date; Edith L. Strout; Susan E. Porter; Lucelia E. Crockett
1904-05  Celia B. Leland; Ethel M. Edwards; Myrtie R. Garvin
1905-06  Zullietta Morse; Gertrude E. Richardson; Lena Schenk
1906-07  Maud B. Cole; Bertha M. Ogden; Ida M. Wooster
1907-08  Augusta M. Porter; Abbie L. Smith; Harriet J. Wilder
1908-09  Viola B. Priest; Ethel M. Lindsay; Ruth Bathelder
1909-10  Bernice G. Oliver; Fannie K. Putnam; Gertrude E. Folley
1909-12  Mildred Burbank
1910-11  Gertrude E. Emerson; Fannie V. Merry; Martha S. Steele
1911-12  Gladys E. Dutton; F. Edith Morton; Anna M. Hall
1912-13  Saidee W. Curtis; Ruth Allen; Marie E. Elwell; H. Mildred Watts.

1913-14  Marguerite Fox; Helen M. Leland; Mabelle A. Hutchins
1913-16  Inez M. Rolfe
1914-15  Eva L. Sawtelle; Edith A. Luce; Julia A. Gile
1915-16  Ruth L. Avery; Ethel J. Philbrick; Ethel M. Craig
1916       Fall Term Substitute, Ethel N. Asnault
1916-19  Clara M. Bacon
1916-17  Helen P. Gale; Ruth M. Thomas; Loretta A. Henzie
1917-18  Marion E. Smart; Pearl H. Sargent; Ruby M. Maloon
1918-19  Irene M. Getchell; Evelyn I. Furber; Minnie M. Stinson, Spring Term 
1918-20  Dorris E. Viles.
1919 -    Emma M. Mahoney.
1919-20  Alice R. Libby; Avis E. Willey
1920       Ethelyn M. Walls
1920-21  Beatrice E. Tyler; Marion L. Waterman
1921-22  Doris Wadman; Iola H. Perkins

Household Arts Department, Established 1911
Marion C. Ricker, State Director and head of department, 1911 to February 1918; Rural Agent Demonstrator, State College, Pennsylvania
Bernadine Cooney, 1918 - ; State Director, Home Econoics and head of department
Cora J. Chase, 1912-16; married Harold S. Pratt, M.D., Farmington, Maine.  Address, Livermore Falls, Maine
Flora T. Norton, 1914-16. 1920 - . See class of 1913.
Frances H. Butler, 1916-18.  See class of 1906.
Gladys E. Smith, B.S. (Cornell), 1916-17; deceased
Maude Van Natta, B.S. (Cornell), 1918-19; teaching Domestic Science, Junior High, Trenton, New Jersey.  Home address 316 S. Cayuga St., Ithaca, New York
Bessie M. Spafford, B.S. (Cornell), 1918-20; Domestic Science, High School, Georgetown, Delaware.  Home address, Monrovia, New York
Laura G. Parker, 1918-19.  Home address, New Bedford, Massachusetts.
Pauline Fisk, Spring 1920.  Home address, Thompson, Connecticut.
Frances R. Backarach, 1920-.  Home address, Halifax, Massachusetts

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