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1801 Note given by Simeon Sanborn to John Deane, at Standish, Maine

[Note: be sure to scroll down to the comments section for a reader's help with deciphering, as well as information on Simeon Sanborn and Sheriff David Learned.]

Note given by Simeon Sanborn of Standish, Maine, on 28 March 1801, to John Deane, also of Standish, Maine, in the amount of $11.60.


Standish 28th March 1801
For value received I promise to pay to John Deane on order the sum of Eleven Dollars and Sixty Cents in Sixty Days from the above date.  Witness my hand.
With interest with the same until paid.
PU Standish       Simeon Sanborn, Gentleman
                         Said to Learned, Sheriff, Livermore or Paris

John Deane Esq
Simeon Sanborn

Simeon Sanborn

Note $11.60  54

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections and additions welcome!]

Simeon Sanborn, assuming I have the right person, was born 5 July 1759 in New Hampshire, son of Daniel and Jane (Moulton) Sanborn, Hampton, New Hampshire natives.  Early in Simeon's life, in 1763, Daniel moved his family moved to Standish, Maine, following the original settler, Ebenezer Shaw.

On 9 January 1782 at Standish, Simeon married Hannah Ward, whose parents, according to a record at Bethel, Maine - see the comments section - were Nathan and Mary (Tret/Treat) Ward.  It's worth noting that many online trees and histories give her parents as Joseph Ward and Mary (Treat) Ward, natives of Barnstable County, Massachusetts, who moved to Maine.  None of the trees list a source, however.

I believe Simeon and Hannah had nine children: Stephen; Mary; Joseph Coleman; John; Hannah; David; Lettice; Lucy; and Esther.

Simeon was the town clerk at Standish for many years, before moving to Greenwood, Maine, and, finally, Bethel, Maine.  I don't know if Simeon himself precipated the moves and drew some members of his family with him, or if he was moving to where one or more of his children had already moved.  He died at Bethel on 28 October 1832.

John Deane was born 11 June 1743 at Dedham, Massachusetts, son of Samuel and Rachel (Dwight) Deane.  On 16 September 1766, at Norton, Massachusetts, John married Miriam Hodges, daughter of Joseph and Miriam Hodges.

By 1786, John Deane had moved to Standish, Maine, where he was elected moderator at the first election there after the town's incorporation in 1785, and where he performed the first marriage at Standish, between Sargent Shaw and Annie Tompson, on 14 September 1786.

They had at least one child, a daughter Miriam, born 6 January 1878.  She married Enoch Freeman Higgins.

John's wife Miriam died in 1791, so it's possible that he was the John Deane of Standish, Maine, who married Mary Jewett at Newburyport, Massachusetts on 20 June 1793

John Deane served as Justice of the Peace for Cumberland County, Maine.  He died at Standish, Maine on 6 May 1826.

I found information on Sheriff David Learned here on Find-a-Grave, but the listing itself was apparently for his son.

If you can fill in the blanks in the transcription or if you have corrections to the information above, or additional information on the Sanborn, Deane and Learned families, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Standish, Maine

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  1. I believe it reads "Said to Learned Sheriff Livermore or Paris." David Learned of Livermore was the first sheriff of Oxford County when it was established in 1805. I would guess that he served in the same office in 1801, when Livermore and Paris were still parts of Cumberland County.

    The date—28 March 1801—interests me, as a few days later, on 1 April 1801, Simeon was living in Bethel when he sold land in Standish (recorded in Cumberland County) and bought land in Bethel (recorded in York County). He lived in Bethel for at least a couple of years before settling in Greenwood. He would follow his sons to Bethel some years later.

  2. Thanks for ferreting out the name of Sheriff David Learned and sharing your knowledge of the area! So Simeon borrowed money from John Deane, sold property in Standish, and bought property in Bethel, all within a few days of each other. Would love to know the back story...

  3. Thank you for sharing your firsthand knowledge of looking at the records in Bethel! I'm amending the post the reflect this.

  4. Pam is this for sale for the historical Society?