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1908 Wedding Book of George Elwin Martin & Alice Estelle Mildon, Marlborough, Massachusetts

Wedding book from the wedding of George Elwin Martin and Alice Estelle Mildon at Marlborough, Massachusetts, on 9 March 1908.  More about them, below.

Witnesses were Mary Harvey Boggs and Edith G. Chipman.                
The minister who performed the ceremony, Rev. Albert H. Wheelock, left the only message in the Congratulations section.

"The Bridal Souvenir" was published by the American Tract Society in Boston, New York and Chicago and was compiled by Rev. Samuel Cutler and Revised by Rev. John H. Kerr, D.D.  It measures approximately 7" x 4-3/4" and contains 56 numbered pages, plus others.  The original copyright was 1876; the latest copyright shown is 1906.

Two pages of Contents:

The forward was written by John H. Kerr, D.D.

A few representative pages:

 From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections and additions welcome!]

George Elwin Martin was born 13 December 1881 at Jaffrey, New Hampshire, the son of Byron E. Martin and Mary Lizzie (Bass) Martin, who were born at Manchester, New Hampshire, and Sharon, New Hampshire, respectively.

Alice Estelle Mildon was born at Eastport, Maine, about September 1882, the daughter of Frederick Robert Sayles Mildon and Abigail Churchill (Travis) Mildon of Nova Scotia.  Frederick was a mayor of Eastport, Maine before moving to Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Frederick's younger brother, William Shaw Mildon, also born at Weymouth, Nova Scotia, was a successful merchant and civic leader at Eastport, Maine.  William's wife, Sabina (Travis) Mildon, was a sister to Frederick's wife, Abigail Churchill (Travis) Mildon.  

George and Alice lived at Marlborough, Massachusetts, where George was superintendent of the Springhill Cemetery, according to his 1942 World War II Draft Registration Card.  They had at least one child, a daughter.

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Jaffrey, New Hampshire

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Eastport, Maine

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Marlborough, Massachusetts

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