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1909 Probationer's Handbook given by Eastport, Maine, Church to Henry Edward Emery

Probationer's Handbook given by Blakey Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church in 1909 to H. Edward Emery.  I believe the recipient was Henry Edward Emery, who was born 15 January 1883 at Eastport, Maine, the son of Oliver and Josephine M. (Holmes) Emery.

The booklet is approximately 5-1/8" x 3" and contains 96 numbered pages.

Henry Edward Emery, who apparently went by the name of Edward, married Lena Emma Dolson, daughter of Ambry and Mary Dolson.  She was born in New York on 20 October 1884.

Edward had moved to New York as early as 1910 where he's listed in the Census of Fishkill, already married to Lena, and living in her parents' household.  He was working as a bookkeeper.
By the time of the 1920 Census, Edward, Lena and their two daughters were living at Beacon, New York, where Edward was working as a clerk. 

In 1930, the family of four was still at Beacon.  No occupation is listed for Edward.  By the time of the 1940 Census, Edward and Lena were still at Beacon, New York, where Edward was working as a real estate agent.  One of the daughters was out of the household by then.

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Eastport, Maine

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